Partial of my collection. (luggages only)

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  1. Ok thought I might share mine as well. Here it goes.

    Let me try to do this... Remember, this is a guy's collection, you won't see any purse in it, except maybe a men's purse? Who knows.

    P.S. I need to update this picture soon. Should be more luggage items added in the future.



  2. Darien, must I say you are THE KING of LV luggage! Only partial? :nuts: Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks for sharing. You have a great collection.
  4. Wow! Very nice collection.
  5. HOLY #!#!*&!!

    VERY nice! I'd be too scared someone would hijack it in the airport though X_x
  6. *sigh*

    love it all!
  7. You certainly travel in style !! ;) Love your collection !
  8. Terrific luggage collection! You can't possibly travel commercial with that do you?!
  9. Wow!! I wouldn't want to be checking in any of that stuff at the airport!!

    Great collection!
  10. Amazing collection!! :love: :love: :love:
  11. Nice collection! Where do you keep your private jet? Becasue I KNOW you don't check those gorgeous pieces?!?!? ;)
  12. OMG!!!! I almost died when I saw all that's all GORGEOUS!!
  13. Loves it!!!!!!
  14. Wow, that collection's gorgeous!!
  15. Great collection!