Part time without strap ? Yes or no?

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  1. I ladies I am about to purchase a part time in gold giant hardware, but it's shoulder strap has gone missing.
    This will be my 1st balenciaga... I will see myself carry the bag like a top handle bag. But, is the strap crucial ? A deal breaker?

    Is there any tip that I should be aware of? I was kinda imaging that the strap might come in handy if I need to unzip my bag, hanging on the shoulder maybe easier to juggle ?
  2. (2) things come to mind with a missing strap.....

    1. would be harder for you to sell at a later date
    2. the strap hardware (the bale) is used to authenticate the bag
  3. Agree completely. That strap not being there would be a dealbreaker for me (unless the price for the bag was crazy low and I intended on keeping it forever)
  4. another vote for no - everyone has great practical points (authenticating, selling in the future...)

    i use the strap A LOT when i use my PT - i didn't imagine i would, but it's SO convenient when traveling and trying to juggle keys/cell phone/etc in your hands while walking. handles fit over the shoulder nicely but i think using the shoulder strap is much more flattering/less awkward
  5. N.O.! save your money for somethingelse. u can do better than this. since it's gonna be your first bal, id rather spend a bit more extra and get everything that originally goes with the bag. it's the only way u can fully enjoy the bag's features and feel the bal experience. if i know something is missing, it will not satisfy me. 😊 u might regret getting it, and its gona be a pita selling it. so again, NO!😝
  6. Uhhmm...are you used to using Bals with their top handles and seldom with a strap? Are you a "Work" kind of gal? Is the color-hardware combo rare, to-die-for, and a Holy Grail for you? If it's a YES to all of the above, then GO FOR IT!

    Otherwise, you find yourself saying no to these questions then it's not for you. :smile:
  7. I second this - the experience of getting a new, fresh, complete Balenciaga is the ultimate experience for me. Even if you're getting pre-loved, personally I think the complete package matters. All the best!

  8. If its a light colour you need the strap, because the Bal handles get dark and dirty if you're not careful. And even if you are careful.
  9. Thank you ladies for replying me. The bag is a plomb giant gold hardware sell by a tpf member. I have no idea about the rarity of the color and combination. But, I personally love the color and the studs ! They looks really pretty and great deal for me :biggrin:

    And I am also considering this other work bag from 2012. I always love the balenciaga work , in black and regular hardware. They are very versatile and able to hold a lot. But the plomb in gold giant hardware is really pretty as well ! Most importantly, I heard that the older balenciaga leather is prettier. Also some people complain that balenciaga is not that durable.... I am not ready to put down so many money to just try out a brand.

    Ladies, may I know which one will u pick out of the two ?
  10. I want the total package when I buy, doesn't matter if it's new or pre-loved. That includes strap, mirror, extra tassels (when they used to come with bags) and the dust bag. strap would be a deal breaker for me!
  11. ^ Uhhhh, OP...we are not really supposed to be discussing ongoing listings or auctions...
    I think what is allowed though is describing your item or posting your own photos ( the links might be frowned upon by mods).

    Anyway, they are both gorgeous and I understand how the PT sans the strap can still be very very tempting! The Work has a slight edge for me though...I love Bal Black bags and tassels plus it can hold tons and in RH is lighter than a giant HW PT. :smile:
  12. Oops ! Sorry I didn't know about that, thank you so much for pointing that out to me. I will post photos in this post then :smile:
    Exactly u get how I feel about it, so tempting because the bag itself is super gorgeous, if I have the money ( I am saving up for marriage ) I really hope I can grab both of them. Also, the bag is in steel color, which I love! Not black, but close to black. In the meantime it shines so nicely when I am wearing black outfit.

    On the other hand, the black work is really nice, subtle, and useful. And I have been wanting a black bal work for so long ~~ and now, I am just worry that I may not have the chance to own a balenciaga giant gold studs because they have discontinued it. I am fear that I will miss out owning the beautiful gold giant hardware...

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  13. I would go for PT anytime! But the missing strap would be the deal breaker for me since I'm not a hand-held person ,and 80% of the time use the strap. I'd say wait for the one that comes with everything.. Believe me, the right one will come along.

    Also, I always see plenty of preloved ggh comes up here and there so don't worry that you'll miss out on those :b
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    I have a plomb and it is a sought after colour...the leather on that bag is gorg. However I am also a person that likes the full set....I can take away the dustbag but I do like everything else to come with it. I prefer the PT and I love G21. It is a great price and if you are ok without having a strap then get it. Everyone has their opinions but the most important is yours, if it does not bother you then who cares what we like our bags to come with. I recently purchased a preloved BV that didn't come with the dustbag, tags or mirror....but the price And condition was so good I was willing to look past it. So I support whatever decision u decide to make!