Part-time color dilemma... help appreciated!


Truffle PT vs Cafe PT

  1. Truffle Part-time (now)

  2. Cafe Part-time (wait)

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  1. Hi guys!

    being a new B-bag fan... I've recently acquired myself a greige twiggy and my black city is on the way... I'm officially addicted to B-bags now! :wlae:

    So.... my next target is a Part-time... I fell in :heart: with it on Bal website when I saw it in the Cafe color with the Gold GH... unfortunately from what I've heard the Cafe color is sold out? a seller on eBay has told me that she has a Truffle PT with Gold GH coming in...

    so should I wait and see if a Cafe color might pop up on eBay or should I just take the Truffle? does anyone have a Truffle PT and Cafe PT that they can show me to see what the diff in color is?

    thanks for any help/suggestions!
  2. Hey, my choice is still cafe than truffle...i wuld suggest u rather wait.....:smile:
  3. Truffle for me :smile:
  4. There is a gorgeous Cafe PT w/ GH listed right now!! Go get it!!!
  5. Honestly, with the GH, I think the Cafe looks a lot better.
  6. I just saw a cafe part time w/GH on Thursday at a retail store. I am PM-ing you with the info and keeping my fingers crossed that you get it!!! :yes:

    Actually, though - I like the truffle w/GH as well, so I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  7. I know I'm biased ... but I really do love my giant truffle part time! I have seen the cafe IRL and found it a little too dark for me! Either way, both colors go really well with the GH!