Part Of My Dooney & Bourke Collection!

Sep 9, 2012
Hello Everyone,

Just Posting A Few Pictures of Of My Dooney & Bourke Handbags!

I Have So Many D&B Handbags, That I Will Have To Post The Rest Of Them In A Few Days.

1. Exclusive Signature Mini Tassel Tote
2. Giraffe Print Satchel ( Got This On New Year's Eve)
3. Disney Sketch Tassel Tote

Thanks For Looking! :biggrin:


Sep 9, 2012
What an excellent way to display them :smile::smile:
Thank You!

That Disney tote is fantastic!!!!!!
Thanks! I Got It For A Really Great Deal When The Disney Store Had A Sale Around Christmas.

Love you Telephone Booth!!:lol: And that Disney bag! So fun!
Thanks. When I Saw This Case In The Store, I Had To Have It! :biggrin:

Best display case EVER. Nice purses too:biggrin:
Thank You!

Nice display case and bags.
Thanks So Much!

Love your Dooneys! That is an awesome display case too!