Paris sale June 2007

  1. Hi guys
    I can't find another thread about this, sorry if there is!
    I went to the Paris sale today.
    It started yesterday and you still have until Saturday. It's in Salle Gaveau, in the 8th.

    This winter I went on the first day and waited 2 hours... this time I just went on the 2nd day (today) during lunchtime, and I barely waited!

    Inside there was a lot of choice of my fave stuff: the small leather goods. They must get more in every day because in January by the time I got there almost all the good stuff was gone.

    There were lots of agendas, zip or no zip, some small coin wallets, and some Karos!! small or big, and some Clarisse! Also GM or PM :yahoo:

    I almost bought a twilly, there were a lot of canvas totes too and toiletry bags. really just tons of stuff!!

    I got outta there with my very own Clarisse GM in Noisette, leather Chèvre Mysore :drool::graucho:


    Who else was there?
  2. Wish i was:crybaby:
  3. Come tomorrow or Sat if you can, there is TONS of stuff!

    Can you believe I felt so good about my purchase, I "congratulated" myself with another one (a cute Longchamps tote)... Now that's crazy!

    Here are some pics of my Clarisse:


  4. oh, thats gorgeous:drool: Congrats Boudoir
  5. Dear Ms. Boudoir:


    Us here in the US can ONLY :drool:

    Glad you had a great time and didn't get discouraged due to last winter's bad experience...

    Other Paris ladies/gent, GO GET THEM!!!
  6. that's a very very nice buy, boudoir!! Congratulations!!!
  7. I'm going to Paris on 26/7, will there be any hermes sale then? I'm always travelling at the wrong time for sales!
  8. wow,
    congrat with your purchase!