Paris Nov1st-4th Shopping

  1. I would love to ask a H veteran to help make me my first H handbag purchase :yahoo:

    I can speak French and used to live in Paris years ago.

    Would love to meet up with anyone who will be there in the beginning of November :yes:
  2. I wish! How fun to help you buy your first Hermes--what are you thinking of? Paris is the best place to get a bag. Best price and selection, and they will even deliver the big orange box to your hotel so you can continue shopping unencumbered. Good luck, you'll have a fantastic experience!
  3. Hi!

    I'm actually asking for recommendations from veterans on the main H thread :smile:

    I'm thinking of getting maybe of this combo:

    1 Birkin and Kelly
    2 Birkins
    1 croc Birkin (probably not... but...:graucho:)
    1 Kelly and something else

    Etc. etc.
  4. When are you going?? and from where??

    ( keep the credit cards at home) :roflmfao:
  5. ardneish, I already went ... and with credit cards :devil:

    I was coming from Hong Kong. I will be back in Paris in the first week of January. Will you be in Paris?
  6. I could arrange to get Eurostar
    January is good its when the sale is on ( I will try and find out the date)
  7. OOooooh, come if you can! :yahoo:
  8. Do the SA only speak French?? I'm planning a trip next year. Will there be any English speaking SA who can help me?? I'm planning for a Birkin, a Kelly and possibly a KP.
  9. hi, i'll be there from 29 to 2nd january. plan to go on the 30 th as 31 and 1 will be closed. i am not sure if i could go on the 2nd because i have no idea at what time my plane is living. but i think some time in the morning
  10. Normally, the SAs speak fairly good English.

    claravi, if you can make it, let's do it!