Paris in September

  1. I have only visited this site a couple of times, but I love reading about all your beautiful Birkin, Kelly, Lindy etc etc bags. Well now it's my turn I am going to jump on the Eurostar on Monday 10 September and go search for a Birkin. I have telephoned and have been told that I can definitely placed an order, which will be sent to me, maybe as quickly as 1 month, maximum 6 months.

    Also can someone please tell me the name of a beautiful hotel, I am going by myself (HB does not want to come :tup: and my friends really do not understand how I could possibly pay all this money for a bag:confused1:)I want to stay somewhere that I will not feel uncomfortable by myself. But I obviously want to be near the shops and at the end of a hard days shopping I want to be pampered and stay in a beautiful room.

    Sorry this posting is so long.
  2. Hotel: George V! Just a few steps away from Hermes George V and a short distance from 24 Fauborg.


    And what a wonderful sounding trip, OMG what I wouldn't give to be able to whisk myself away to Paris for a few days and shop shop shop. :heart: I hope your trip is absolutely amazing and wonderful and fruitful!
  3. Oh yes! I second George V!!! We stayed there for our honeymoon in December-January and LOVED it to no end. It's in a wonderful location - close to EVERYTHING and you will be pampered beyond belief. What a perfect way to go and acquire your Birkin.
  4. Thanks CynthiaNYC and AuthenticLux but I have tried every date from the beginning of September to the end of October, nothing available:crybaby::oh::oh:
  5. What a shame :sad: Let me think, what about the Plaza Athenee?
  6. How about the Plaza Athenee? It's a beautiful hotel and really close to all the high-end shopping places...
  7. What about L'Hotel? It's chic and exclusive and far less touristy than most of the other 5 star hotels. And it's just a stone's throw away from the Seine in the middle of all the delights of the Left Bank. I've taken the walk from there to the Faubourg store and it's a very picturesque 15-20 min or so.

    The rooms are small but sumptuously furnished. And the last time I was there, all the toiletries were from Hermes - always a nice bonus.
  8. I third (or more ) George V, I have stayed there a number of times, it's always good.
  9. ^^^ITA!
    Try the Plaza Athenee! You will love the location!
  10. Ooh. Sweet!
  11. If George V is not available (which I adore) go for Hotel Costes. Super cool and hip.
  12. whats your budget for a a nice hotel in Paris. If your not fussed about five star I can send you details of a lovely place to stay full of French People ( wey)
    If like me you might want to save some pennies and go mix with the real parisians.
  13. This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but I have enjoyed staying in the St. Germain des Pres area in the 6th arrondisement because it is such a nice area to walk around, lots of nice little shops and cafes, people out and about. The subway system is excellent and it is easy to get to most other areas in Paris (like the mothership). I have no experience with luxury hotels in Paris unfortunately, but have enjoyed staying at smaller boutique hotels such as the Artus Hotel (not as "cool" IMO after the recent renovation but still very modern, comfortable if small rooms, and good concierge service) and I hear that the Hotel de Buci is good but have not stayed there. I just don't think any location could be better...
    Good luck and enjoy!!
  14. Oh, of course, the Costes! L'Hotel is by the same designer - both equally fab.
  15. My first choice would be George V - always beautiful but as it's unavailable you might try Hotel Meurice. I think you would be very comfortable there as a woman travelling alone :smile:.

    Have a marvellous time - I look forward to hearing about your trip :yahoo: