Paris Hilton's New Car !!

  1. i actually don't like it :shrugs:

    and not just because paris is driving it...the lines are all wonky. it looks like the batmobile. :yucky: i never thought i'd meet a mercedes i didn't like....;)
  2. not sure if im correct but i heard she got this for free bc of a deal her father did with mercedes....i doubt paris who carries fake bags would spend this much on a who knows shes just too much!!
  3. It does look like the Batmobile! LOL... I also think it looks like the KnightRider car.:lol:
  4. It looks beautiful, not Paris
  5. The car is HOT!!!:love: Paris is NOT!!!:hysteric:
  6. I can't see the pics!
  7. Can't see the pictures - darn it! I like the car but really wanted to see The Ivy! I'll be back in LA next month and it's one of my favorite restaurants. My DH and I were just planning what to eat there yesterday! Sorry. I know it's off topic but I just love that place!
  8. [​IMG][​IMG]
  9. Thanks for the picture! The car is funky! WOW!
  10. the car looks like a batmobile! :yucky:
  11. No problem, enjoy your lunch. :heart:
  12. hm.. i really find it wierd when cars open up so high...

    i think i'd prefer it if the car's door slid to the side
  13. she traded in the bentley? what, were the ashtrays full?

  14. Oooh, I LOVE it!
    I wouldn't however, want to be the owner of the black 'Vette she's pressing her cheeks all over!:throwup: