Paris Hiltons Fendi? Help please

  1. Hi
    Does anyone know what this bag is called? Does anyone own one? Have any pics of it?

    Thanks :smile:[​IMG]
  2. zucca/leather spy bowler, or baby spy.
  3. I believe it's the Zucca Spy bag. Actually now that I look at it closely, it maybe the bowler instead of the spy?!:shrugs:
    In any case, I want the spy!:tender:
    Paris Hilton - Fendi Zucca & Lambskin Spy.jpg p11114388_ph_hero.jpg
  4. It's the bowler. The regular medium Spy has tortuga (faux tortoiseshell embossed leather) handles.
  5. Gosh she is thin!!!!!!!!!:wtf: I have the bolwer and there is NO way in hell I can carry it on my shoulder and I am average built. Are you sure its not the spy turned around?
  6. Yes, she must be tiny! I know the zucca spy is on Elux right now. I don't know if the bowler is on there. The zucca spy on Elux does not have the nubby handles. They are smooth like in the second pic.
  7. I take it back the zucca spy isn't on Elux today, I saw it like 2 days ago! I guess they are already gone.
  8. That can't be a bowler, it's too large???
  9. Is it possible it is an older zucca spy because of the handles? I know the bowler usually has a tab sticking out on the side.
  10. Its probably another one of her fakes....
  11. I cant believe she has fakes, when she can afford whatever she wants. Thats just weird.
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. really? she has fake spys? why in the world?
  14. I havent got as much money as her and i dont have fakes. i just dont get it lol.

    The thing that annoys me alot is just cus shes Paris Hilton alot of people would think she would carry only authentic designer bags, alot of celebrities with alot of money carry fakes. Its weird lol
  15. i think it's the spy turned around because it is too big to be a bowler. she's like 5 feet 10!