Paris Chloe Boutique

  1. Has anyone ever frequented the Paris Chloe boutique and if so, are the prices lower? I'm visiting in October and I know LV is much lower in Paris. Wanted to see if Chloe is too. :graucho:
  2. yeah..its cheaper there.
  3. and the selection is amazing, they keep some of the very special pieces for the store in Saint Honore. My lovely hubby picked up my boots from there last year when he was on a business trip, and it is right next to the parliament buildings, and is gorgeous to go into.

    The only thing I would say though is that they sell out very early there, but there are 3 (if I remember correctly) other Chloe Stores in Paris. When I got my a/w boots, they were the last pair in stock, and that was end of July/beg August!!!
  4. I was there. Its right across the street from Chanel. Their prices are great and they had a lot of bags.