Paris, Brandon & Nicky Outside Barneys

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. OMG I love,love, love those chloe boots
  3. Ditto that! LOVE them!!! :love:
  4. Ew...Paris is going out with "fire crotch" spewer...? there's no other drunken heirs left?
  5. is such a skank.....yuck
  6. That guy is chubby, greasy looking, horrible hair and his personality is the ugliest thing about him.
  7. Wow! When Jessica first came out with her line of shoes, I was like "there's NO WAY she wears those things" and she probably doesn't.

    But that's her bag on her shoulder and I've seen it a few other places. Either she's really trying to promote her own bag line, or they might actually be of decent quality.
  8. The headlines say that Nicky's boyfriend punched him out. :lecture:

  9. who is tt guy in the pic? is tt paris boyfriend brandon?if so, how come headlines say nicky hilton's boyfriend? can someone enlighten me? have not been keeping up with hilton news for a long time...btw, i tink Paris Latsis looks much better than this dude(if tt is Paris boyfriend) tt really her boyfriend???:confused1: thanks all:flowers: