Paris Bombay - how do you like it?

  1. Those of you with the bag, do you love it? Is it useful? Only evening or day use as well? Just reason of course lol!!:P
  2. Sure...:lol: I don't have one yet but my only hesitation would be I think I would scratch the inside leather so much? The two I've seen in the store had scratches already inside. :shrugs: I can't wait to see the mm in person. :love:
  3. I adore PB. It's so elegant! I like the corners folded in though.
  4. I adore the PB in PM size as it is a very elegant, understated and classic bag! If you don't carry your whole house, you could use it for day to night.

    Tha MM is also quite nice and I saw a tall lady carrying it on her shoulder and suited her very well.
  5. Ummmm thanks girls! You're helping lol!!! I need a smaller evening bag but want something that I can use comfortably during the day sometimes as well....
  6. Well, I'D buy one.....I think it's a GREAT bag! Very chic, can bring that baby to the office and then swing that thing out to dinner with the hubbs afterward!

    Yes, indeedy.......
  7. I love how the PM looks like it can hold a lot and how it opens wide. Perfect day into evening bag! :yes:
  8. I would recommend the PM as the MM is a bit big for evenings in my opinion.

    I love the PB in either black or white!
  9. I have to add that when you choose a color, be aware of the color of the zipper cloth. With the PB PM, the cloth of the zipper might overwhelm the bag if it's the not the exact tone of the leather as the style of the bag is short and elongated i
  10. Thanks LaVan and all! I did see it in the Boston store....I think this will be perfect and fit my need for something smaller and fun......
  11. I love it when I do not need a bigger bag, like for errands, or evening out!