Parchment (or Parchmain) - leather possibilities?

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  1. I saw the leather swatch, and I thought parchment looked a little flat.
  2. i bet it's gorgeous in box calfskin!

    it may be a little similar to blanc in lizard or ficelle (but ficelle may be a little darker)....
  3. Oh I'm fine w/ flat. LOL, I must be the only member on this board who adores anything matte, flat, you name it...:yes:

    I'm just wondering how gorgeous this lovely ivory color would be in croc... yum!

    Please Hermes gods, fairy, whatever.. tell me this will be a possibility... if not now then maybe a couple of years... I promise to wait... and be a good girl of course.;)
  4. Doesn't it look ivory though? Not white, ya know? More on the cream side...:shrugs:
  5. Yes, it looks like ivory. The leather swatch I saw was indeed in box calf and a thicker leather like box for the cabas tote bag. Didn't see the croc swatch, but I hope it comes in croc so you can realise your dream, hermes_lemming!
  6. yeah, the blanc in lizard is cream-y white and the ficelle in lizard is darker, more beige - so it's darker than parchment. i just love that nude tone versatile and perfect for either summer or winter!
  7. All I know is my SA said that Hermes never bleaches croc...I guess whether croc will be available in parchment might depend on whether that shade can be obtained without bleaching.
  8. That thicker leather is veau rodeo. I've seen ivory IRL and it has less brown than parchment. Also, ivory box hasn't been done in years.
  9. HL...I like matte as well...
  10. I think parchment is warmer than ivory, possibly because it has more brown undertones.:shrugs:
  11. more brown is a good thing! where is Duna... lol, she'll back me up. and i ADORE warm tones!

    *still praying to the Hermes gods...whipping out the big kneepads*
  12. Oooops! I'm an idiot.:noggin: Correction on post #9 above, the leather is vache hunter, not rodeo, VACHE HUNTER!
  13. What's VACHE HUNTER??? :graucho: Never heard of that one - do you have details (I'm going to check out your leather guide now).

    I have seen rodeo IRL on a wallet...I love that leather and would love to see it in a bag. OK....sorry to get off topic.

    Has anyone seen parchment in a store yet?
  14. ^^It's a new leather, I've only seen swatches so far. It's for the new Cabas that they're going to make. I don't have a swatch up because it's so new and no one knows anything about it. When I find out, I'll let you know.