Papillon 30 - a shoulder bag?

  1. Can you get the papillon 30 over your shoulder? I had the papillon 26 but it drove me nuts having to hand carry it all the time :sad2: Wondering if the 30 can be used as a shoulderbag OR handheld?
  2. hmmm not sure. eluxury says "Mid-length handles carried on the arm or in the hand"
  3. You can put the 30 on your shoulder, but the bag portion as to be on your back--if that makes sense... Otherwise you'll squish the bag under your arm.
  4. Totally makes sense! At least I have the option if I want to. It's not much bigger than the 26 right, but has longer shoulder straps? That little case inside the 30 is the CUTEST.
  5. Here's what I do. Take one of the straps and loop it through the other then sling that same strap over your shoulder. (Does that make sense?) I works and I see a lot of people wearing their Papillons this way. :smile:
  6. It depends on how thick your arm is and what type of shirt you're wearing. If you have skinny arms, then I think you'll be able to use it that way.
  7. I have the 30 and the SA at the LV boutique showed me this. I'm afraid of putting too much stress on the one strap though. So I just have the papillon riding on my back too!

    And yes...the little mini is adorable!:love: It's my makeup case no matter what purse I use!
  8. I've had mine for two years and it's never affected the bag at all - and I keep my bag stuffed (but not opverly so.) :smile:
  9. I wanted to get one but after I realized that it would be too wide on the shoulder, I put it off until I get more LV pieces and decide. Or buy a used one.
  10. Ooooohh, I got to try that on my papillon 30 next time then. Thanks.