Papillion 30 for a 40 year old

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  1. Hi,
    I love this style of bag but was wondering if it was suitable for a 40 year old(I look young for my age most people think I'm only about 30). Plus could I keep using this bag into my late 40s/50s even.
  2. Absolutely! Why not?! Most of the Papillions I see are being carried by over 30's anyway!
  3. I think it's fine! I have the Damier Papillon 30 and I'm 43. If you love it then go for it!
  4. I think it is suitable for a woman of 130! Everyone can wear this bag.

    Oh, and welcome PoodleLady, I see you are new! Glad you have joined us.
  5. I love the style of the Papillon 30, ultra feminine. I would definitely get the Papillon30 sometime down the road (I'm already in my 40s, but just starting out in LV).

    Elizabeth Hurley carries it magnificently and she's in her early 40s. I know there is another picture of her with the Papillon somewhere which is more beautiful than this pic.
  6. Yes, you can definitely carry it!!! It's a classic!
  7. It's a great bag and suitable for all ages. I believe it is one of LV's ten "icon" bags.........I want one in the damier!
  8. definitely! i think the Papillon works on anyone and everyone!
  9. It will be suitable for you. I have one and now it's with my mom.
  10. Thanks for all of your opinions this bag will be my next LV, I'm so glad that I found this forum as I don't know anybody else obsessed with bags like me, it's good to know that I'm not alone. My poor dh just rolls his eyes and gives me a glazed look anytime I mention bags especially when I point them out when we are together(I'm sure you can all relate).
    Designingstyle-thanks for the welcome, everybody seems nice and friendly on the LV boards.
    Rainrowan-thanks for the photo of Liz Hurley, I only wish that I had her income!.