papier owners please help! Zipper concern!

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  1. I just bought a mini a4 papier zip around, i think it's a 2013/2014 version, everything else looks good until i found "ri ri M8" on the zipper instead of a Lampo zipper stamp, i know balenciaga changed a few things on this style after 2014. Could anyone share theirs? thank you!
  2. My papier drop bucket has a riri m4 zipper on the little zipper pocket (I'm guessing the m4 and m8 have to do with size). I did buy it on eBay but am quite confident in it's authenticity. Peacebabe, how about your papier bags? If anyone can answer this question you can! (Also Peace, does your huge zipper head on the front of your drop bucket have any logo?)
  3. Thanks for the reply! I feel better now, my riri M8 is on the side zipper where it opens up. I searched high and low but no one has ever posted or talked about riri M8 on a balenciaga.
  4. Wait for Peacebabe to reply, she has at least two papier bags to my knowledge and is also an authenticator and loves all things papier!
  5. Will do!Thank you so much for your help! I love the papier too
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  6. Hi !!! glad that i "popped in". If not i may have missed the paging ! lol ........................

    ok, these are what i have found on mine.

    1) Papier Tri-color Neo Hobo F/W 2012 - Blank
    2) Papier Drop Bucket F/W 2013 - front pocket riri stamped. Big zipper blank
    3) Marbled Papier Bowling F/W 2013 - Lampo stamped
    4) Papier A5 Zip Around F/W 2014 - "B" stamped zipper
    5) Papier Plate Bucket F/W 2015 - "B" stamped

    Looks like a mess ya !!! But it seems that all will carry "B" stamp from F/W 2014. Frankly, it's really hard to authenticate Papier range as not much features are available to rely on. It's really important to be able to feel & smell the leather too
  7. Thanks peace!:hugs:
  8. The pleasure is mine to share ! :smartass:

  9. Thank you for the info peacebabe it's a a4 mini zip around in black shw so I believe it's from f/w2013! I have a mini a4 which I got from the store but it's an older one 2011 I think and no zippers for me to compare to! I'm going to smell&feel both bags leather later! May be for a long time
  10. Look at the back of the tag. If it's F/W 2013, it should have a "I" printed.

    There should be a zipper at the front pocket of your 2011. Can you check? Also can you take a photo of the front & back of the tag please. I would very much like to learn how a 2011 papier tag looks like

  11. Yes there's a zipper at the front pocket, I cannot see the back of it but in the middle of the zipper it has something like 'I' on it, here you go for the tags,this is the a4 mini papier in brass hardware. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468059917.318774.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468059938.339933.jpg I just realised it is actually not is s/s2013! Sorry it seemed so long ago for me! 2011 must be my other bags...

    And this is the a4 mini zip around, it does have "I" on the leather tag so I believe it is indeed f/w2013. One thing I found strange is the zip around and my normal papier share the same style code.
  12. I also have a mini papier A4 zip around, it's this year/2016 purchased from,m looking at the bag right now & the 2 side zippers are "B" stamped.:smile:
  13. Hi there thanks for your input, peacebabe said they started using the "B" zipper from 2014 onwards, my newer bags such as mini city all have "B" on them
  14. Both of yours from 2013. And im surprised to know they share the same model number too !!! :shocked: