Panic! My dog ate 1 raisin but I'm freaking out...

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  1. I was eating an oatmeal cookie (a fresh one from a grocery store bakery) and I picked out a couple raisins and one fell off my paper towel and my dog scarfed it down before I could stop her!!!! I know grapes are really toxic to dogs and raisins are 10 times worse because they're dried and concentrated. I don't want to freak out and take her to the vet over 1 raisin but I also kind of do. :confused1: She is a 10 lb mini dachshund-so she's not terribly small. She had just eaten before this so her tummy isn't empty.

    I shouldn't be worried about 1 raisin right? :huh:
  2. No, I wouldn't worry about 1 raisin. Especially since she ate it on a full stomach. I'm sure she will pass it.
  3. I wouldn't worry about a raisin either.
  4. I wouldn't worry about unless she starts acting different. If you're still worried, call your vet just to be sure.
  5. 1 raisin should be fine. I dropped a couple chocolate chips once while baking and my dog scooped them up before they even hit the floor. Small amounts should be fine but I would still keep the incidents few and far in between.
  6. Thanks so much for the input ladies! :flowers:
    Whew!!! I feel a little silly now that I look back at my post but man, you read an article in a magazine about raisins causing "renal failure and a slow painful death" in dogs and it sticks with ya. And the little bugger had JUST eaten and she hoovered up the raisin so fast. She's still as energetic and spritely as ever, climbing all over and pestering DH non-stop as we speak. I'm watching her like a hawk from now on. :nono:
  7. My Chi/Pom mix ate a chocolate chip once and she was fine. I'm sure your pup will be OK! Those warnings are really for when your dog ingests large quantities.
  8. I didn't realize raisins were harmful to dogs so I looked it up. This article tells you a little about the raisins and dogs and what signs to look for if they get sick.
    Are you able to call your vet if you need too? If you call animal poison control they unfortunately charge you $75 just to talk to them. If you are really concerned I would suggest you induce vomiting by giving your dog activated charcoal, but I would check with your vet first on that.

    I just know what it's like to have a sick pet and it's so scary and not fun at all. Hopefully everything is a-ok!
  9. I would have freaked too, but I am sure your doxie will be fine.
    Once, my doxie Tassie (RIP) ate 6 MetRx protein bars, which were chocolate and nuts. I do not know how that did not kill her. She was huge for about 3 days and looked miserable. But she was fine and lived a long long life.
  10. Your baby will be fine. DH and I used to feed our doggie grapes before we knew they were toxic to them and each time he was fine. We didnt feed him large amounts just one or two but I think he will be fine.
  11. She will be FINE! I used to feed my dogs grapes before I knew they werent good for them! Oops...

  12. Do not induce vomitting on your own, especially without contacting your veterinarian first. In some cases of possible toxicity, vomitting can make things worse.
    And I certainly would not recommend giving your dog charcoal on your own either.
  13. I don't blame you for panicking! I'm sure one raisin is her and she if she has any reactions, but I don't think she will...just think about the things dogs get into and eat that we don't even know about, and they're fine.

    As long as it's not a large amount....everything will be okay!
  14. ^^ yep, same here!!! :shame::s:heart:
  15. make ure it doe snot happne again so u wont have the scare again.. hahaha... i know chocolate is bad for them