Pandora Jewelry Anyone? - NOT THE CHARM BRACELETS!!

  1. Goes great with the murano bead on your bracelet!
  2. My newest Pandora ring......


    I will post a live picture once I create a stackable set I like. That may mean buying something else. :happydance: LOL
  3. using daddys money - thank you so much for keeping this thread going! i LOVE seeing your new pieces!
  4. ^^^ I love posting.
    The regular thread is nice but this is also nice to just focus on the jewerly. I am pretty much maxed out on beads until they release new one's so I love the jewelry....totally OBSESSED with these darn stackables!!!
  5. My Pandora rings and earrings! I often find it more satisfying to buy a finished piece of jewellery, rather than buying charms. :p



    Aren't rings awesome? ;)
    I want to get the flower and diamond one, but I haven't found a place that has it in my size (smallest!), and there are no online shops that allow pre-ordering in a particular size. (not in Switzerland or Germany)

    I like to get a pandora ring when I'm feeling down... :nuts:


    I don't particularly like the mix and match earrings... the dangles look too long on me and I think I look better in studs.
  6. I have both the deep pink rhodolite ring and charm. I NEVER saw the studs??? Only the dangles. Do you think they were not released in the US????
  7. Posting my latest stackable creation...............


    A close up.

  8. Using_Daddys_$$, I got the rhodolite garnet studs from Australia. Not sure if they weren't released in the US, but I couldn't find them in the promotional photos when the set was released... only the dangles.

    I love your CZ stackable with the moving gold ring!
    I also have the purple CZ ring on my wishlist... the one with a diamond on the floating gold ring. :amuse:

  9. The floating gold ring is very ENTERTAINING!!!!!!!!!! You are so right about the rings being INSTANT gratification!!!!!!!
    I will have to go on a hunt for these earrings, probadly.....thanks for getting back to me so soon!!!!

    Off topic:
    Do you still wear your tan poly cord with the wood beads. I loved that creation you posted a while back.

  10. Now I really need to get more rings, just to be entertained by the floating rings, hehe... :p Please DO post more photos of your rings when you get more. I enjoy drooling over them. lol.

    I actually haven't worn the tan cord that way since I put it together. I found it impossible to put on. The cord has been sitting in its box, unused. :-s
    Using a toggle clasp like the one available in silver, would be great... but I haven't gotten around to spending more on bracelets. If Pandora releases a loose gold toggle, then I'd have to get one!

  11.'s so nice. I am sure it will be avaiable to you soon.:smile:
  12. [​IMG]

    Love this one...... And its so comfy too!
    DSC08585.JPG DSC08587.JPG

  13. I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are the thumb rings silver & gold? Either way this so nice. Are the 2 hearts for your two munchkins????? ;)