Panda Panda Panda

  1. Hopefully this doesn't come off as too cheesy for people...but yeah so I've been on the hunt for a panda pochette for a while now. Yes I realize that it's a purse and I'm a guy, but I LOVE Takashi Murakami's work and that's seriously all I can afford to collect. So I have a Black MC, White MC, and Cerises Pochette. Tonight I was invited to a charity event at YSL, where it was a circus. It was absolutely packed but anyways my invitation got me 20% off and the shoes I wanted they didn't have the size so they have to order it in for me. Anyways, so I make a trip over to LV as expected and my best friend pointed out that they had the Panda pochette hanging. So now I am the prould owner of a Panda Pochette. Hmm...for a straight guy I sure do have a lot of purses...oh well just wanted to share that with you guys and hope you don't think it's messed up.
  2. WOW... congrats!!! :biggrin:
  3. congrats
  4. That's great! Congratz!
  5. Haha, its cool, belive me I've seen weirdo for a straight guy so don't worry haha, I AM glad you got get the piece you wanted, seems U LOVE Takashi so THATS GREAT! NOW PICS!!!! :graucho:
  6. Congrats! Can't wait to see pictures of it (and I'd love to see your pochette collection too!)
  7. I think that's cool...congrats on the panda:smile:
  8. Great! Congratulations! I was at LV boutique today at South Coast Plaza and I saw that pochette with the panda. Very nice!
  9. Why can't I get my husband to love LV?????

    Congrats on your purchase. Glad you found it!
  10. Congrats! I also love Takashi Murakami's work, the Panda line is my absolute favorite!
  11. Congrats! I was surprised to see the vachetta panda cles at my store the other day.
    I'm glad you found what you wanted!

  12. Yeah I was kinda surprised that my store had one on display too!!!! When I got mine from the Tampa Saks, it had some patina... :crybaby:
  13. Oh yes, my store (in Thailand) had 2 of panda cles too!!! :confused1:

    Anyway, congrats Mr Posh Spice :yahoo:
    Finally, you got it!!!
  14. congrats! i think that's a cute story. you should be able to get whatever you like!

    enjoy your new bag!
  15. I'm guy and I think it's ok. I saw in Paris guy with damier speedy. You can youse your pochette for storing small things like cosmetics inside larger bag like keepall. CONGRATS!
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