Panda Babies Are The Cutest

  1. :love:

  2. They are so sweet :love: thanks for posting.
  3. Awww!!!!
  4. Aww hehe :smile: They look so un-coordinated, adding to their cuteness
  5. ^^ OMG, i love panda babies!!! :nuts::love::heart:
  6. Awww. So cute!
  7. Ah! How cute is that?:love:
  8. adorable! they only way about 4oz and look like wet rats when they're newborn:

  9. Gosh, and they grow up to be so cute and big!:yes:
  10. OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love panda babies...SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!! Even my DH loves them...well he and I both love cute baby naminals.
  11. That 'eee!' noise in the first video . . . is that them?

    They are SO cute!
  12. awwwwwwww! :heart:

    thank you for posting this!
  13. They are so adorable! I love pandas they give off this lazy vibe.
  14. OMG sooo cute, they don't even look real! I just want to pick one up & cuddle it, awwww.
  15. i wanna hug one! so cute!