Panda Agenda and Friends....

  1. I LOVE MURAKAMI and Manga!
    2 Panda agenda and friends.jpg
  2. Very nice!!!
  3. Thanks sweetie!
  4. cute cute cute! I just wore my panda pochette today...I love the panda!
  5. Everything is so cute!
  6. ahhh i want u my koala agenda for that =) matche my i really want is the cerise agenda
  7. Yea for Panda Pochettes!!!! I LOVE my panda pochette too and plan on bringing it to wear in Los Angeles for my birthday trip! Cool you wore yours today twiggers, I love your panda too!
  8. You should get what you really want, the cerises is to die for cind, I want cherry blossoms so bad, I could scream.... and, just might...
  9. i had that panda agenda too and love it... your panda haipins is TDF!!!! i so envy you :P
  10. soo cute!! I wish I snagged the agenda when I had the chance =(