Palm Spring PM ; canvas flowers faded.

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  1. Hi. May I know is this considered as defective or wear & tear? The faded flowers are at the canvas above the zipper and the below edges of the bag

    The handle has also has cracked issue for the 2nd time. LV changed it the 1st time. With these recent issues.. does it justify I asked for an exchanged ?
    Thanks for the view and opinions

    Stay safe.

  2. I would consider this as wear and tear. It is close to the zipper and also on a fold in the canvas.
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  3. How long have you had this? And how often do you use it?
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  4. Similar thing happened on my first PSM but on the front, nowhere near the zipper. I posted pictures when I noticed it. LV claimed I spilled a chemical on my bag when I first raised the issue with them; I eventually got an exchange.
  5. it's due to the zipper gong back and forth and that's a peeling disaster waiting to happen, i can see it. take it and have them exchange it for the new model.
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  6. Since late 2016. I had my mini a month after that. But I don’t have this issue with my mini. And I use my mini way way more than the pm.

    Added on.. I have cracking on the handle. On all 4 sides. I had the same problem too once and LV had the handle replaced. And it is happening again.
  7. Will do that. Thank you for the advice.
  8. Do you mind I see pictures of it. I could let my my SA sees it too to assure that these problems do happen.
  9. I would also say normal wear and tear.

    In general, good advice is if you want to know whether something is normal/can be fixed, best to ask LV (bring to store if possible, though under current circumstances I'd avoid going out unless absolutely necessary).

    Good luck :smile:
  10. The problem is I only have this issue with my pm and not my mini.
    And i use my mini more often than my pm.
  11. while i would of originally cited normal wear and tear as well. if you look closely at the canvas lip, you can see the coating getting ready to bubble up and peel. you can see white specs and shavings. as a result, i wouldn't call that wear and tear but actually the bag having some type of defect.

    i would just bring it in and get it evaluated because personally i think its the zipper running across the lip and causing the coating on the canvas to start peeling away.
  12. Yes, the point of my second sentence was that it doesn't matter whether we consider it normal wear and tear, LV will have the say on whether it is.
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  13. If you go back to my posts in the PSM post you should find them, or search through my posts. Good luck with getting a new bag.
  14. Spoke too soon on my mini.. i checked it thoroughly... the canvas flowers are faded as well. IMG_8863.JPG IMG_8856.JPG
  15. around the zipper, it is an issue, however around the pocket corner (this commonly happens). I suggest you take it into a store and have both bags evaluated!