Palm Beach Gardens Chanel Soiree Update

  1. Hi Coco-ettes! ok, our get-together is this Friday, March 2, at the NEW Chanel freestanding store at the Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens............then lunch at PF Changs. So far, we have attending: me, Maxaluna, Cassidy, and Pink Petunia..................I know there are other So. Fla. PFers out there!!! Please join us! no need to rsvp..............just show up!!

    can't wait...................poll: should I carry baby animal, blue Cotton Club tote, GST in black, vinyl Coco Cabas, white caviar Jumbo, or......take huge Coco Cabas with a couple other smaller ones in it, and switch bags at intervals throughout the afternoon? :roflmfao: :nuts:
  2. iLL STICKY THIS 4 YA...
    Purse....Have fun!
  3. oh have fun!! I would join you all but I own no chanel and must be at work on Friday (ironically right around the corner from the gardens mall though :graucho:) you ladies have fun!
  4. I'm not in Palm Beach Gardens, or a Coco-ette, but that line cracked me up! I think I'll do the same thing for our Hawaii LV meet... Throw everything in a Pampelonne and just switch every 20 minutes or so! ROFL :roflmfao: :heart:
  5. Hi there! I have been soooo busy the past week--but I am still planning to meet you guys there!!! Yay! Did we say 11am or 12pm? Are we meeting inside the boutique or should we meet outside the boutique -- say on the nearest benches in front of Saks on the 2nd floor? That way I won't be going up to every person in the Chanel boutique and saying "Hi!...are you from the purse forum???" :p
  6. We're meeting today at 11:30 for anyone who wants to come!
  7. Un sticking... As Its Over