Palermo - available Nov. 1

  1. When my SA called today to my home, she talked with my DH who then immediately called me. I thought the Damier Neverfull was out but when I called my SA, she said it was the Palermo that had arrived in their store but was not available for release until November 1. I drove to the store to take a look at the two sizes (PM and GM). They were beautiful!!!

    My SA is holding the PM for me and it's $970 USD. I would say it's similar in size to the Cabas Piano but the base is deeper and can fit more stuff in it unlike the Cabas Piano (I had this purse but sold it because it couldn't fit all of my stuff). The Palermo has the strap handles but they are short - I don't think you can put the strap handles over your shoulder at all. It comes with a detachable and adjustable strap. (The best part for me!)

    And the zipper pull is cool - it's a small chain with a round LV pendant (think of a large size M&M with LV written on it). My SA kept saying that she loved the zipper pull and that it was like having a cute LV keychain already attached to the purse. Also, the hardware is the thicker rounded hardware than what you see on the Speedy.

    The base is mono but has the vachetta piping going all the way around the bottom of the base - so it can still get a bit dirty when you set the Palermo down.

    The inside is the brown lining like on the Piano and it had a cell phone pocket on one side plus another larger pocket and then I think there were one or two pockets on the opposite side of the inside of the purse. No inside zippers. And, there was an inside d-ring to hook your keys or mini pochettes to it. The Palermo PM that I saw was made in the USA. It also says Louis Vuitton embossed into the leather on the front of the purse. The pleats were nice, too!!

    The price of the Palermo GM is $1,190 USD. It was huge!!! It was a bit bigger than the Cabas Mezzo and the base of the GM is wide/deep (similar to the Hampstead base). It would be a great bag for traveling and could definately hold a laptop. I didn't really look at the inside but I'm assuming that it had the same exact features of the PM size. I also didn't notice if the strap handles could be put on the shoulder or not - sorry!

    My SA thinks the Mono Palermo will be even more popular than the Damier Trevi.
    I also showed her the pics of the Gray Inclusion bracelet in PM/GM and she love it! (I don't think she pays much attention to the look books.) She was surprised that the inclusions are silver instead of gold. She thought it looked great!!! I told her that the Inclusion items in gray were on the LV website, but she said she never looks at the website because she's too tired when she gets home from work! (I think tPFers are right when they say that the SAs don't always know about items to be released!!! - SAs are just not as crazy as us tPFers!!!!)

    Can't wait until November 1!!! :yahoo: :woohoo: :drool:
  2. Thanks for the heads up! I'm really excited to see these bags IRL one day...awww, I wish I were there to see you buy the Palermo on 11/1! I'll have to see this bag myself when I get some time from grad school...:nuts:
  3. You can see it tomorrow when we go shopping!!! My SA won't be in but her co-workers will let us see it again! Yeah!!!
  4. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:Yes!!!
  5. thanks for the info! i'm waitlisted for this but i think i'll pass since my cabby seems too similar (but palermo is perm. so i might get it later anyway lol). i do like the new zipper pulls though.
  6. any pics?
  7. Nope! I didn't want to ask my SA if I could take pics with my camera phone. Only pic is from the look book. But, trust me, Palermo is an awesome bag!
  8. WOW, I want the Palermo GM now. It sounds exactly what I need in an everyday bag. I'm glad I didn't get the Neverfull. With a guess, would you say the GM straps would go over the shoulder? If so, I'm sold and need to call tomorrow to be put on the WL!!!
  9. Pretty good price for such a large bag!
  10. Thank you for that update....
    Did she happen to tell you anything about the release of the Tivoli ????
  11. No, sorry! I didn't ask. She called me because I was on the waitlist for the Palermo and I'm waitlisted for the Damier Neverfull.

    Sorry, I didn't know if the Palermo GM straps could go over the shoulder, but I'm going back today, so I'll ask to see the GM again. I also mentioned that the GM is HUGE - bigger than the Cabas Mezzo - not sure if you would want the Palermo GM as an everyday bag because it's quite big unless you are toting it to work. I did try it on with the shoulder strap and I just thought it was too big but it's cool that it does have the adjustable shoulder strap. I have a Cabas Mezzo which I love, but the GM is much bigger.
  12. Ok... I went back to my store and saw the Palermo GM again today. The two handle straps are completely flat AND adjustable with buckles, so if you put the straps on the last hole, you should be able to put the GM on your shoulder. And don't forget, that the GM comes with a detachable shoulder strap that is also adjustable.

    The Palermo PM's two handle straps are NOT adjustable and I don't think most people would be able to put it on their shoulder. It also has a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap.
  13. Thanks for the update! I carry so much with me already and I carry a lot with my baby. Plus, I love big bags.
  14. Sounds interesting! Maybe I should go to my local LV Store on 11/1 to check it out :yes: Thanks for the update!
  15. :yes: I tried to put the Palermo PM on my shoulder yesterday, and it didn't work out (I'm 5'4" and I wear between a size 2-4). The PM is such a great size for everyday...its volume is almost like between the Cabas Piano and Mezzo. I didn't think the Palermo PM and GM differed signficantly in size unlike the Cabas Piano and Mezzo...but that's just me. :girlsigh: