Pale gold lamb m/l flap vs. 226 reissue in metallic distressed calf

Which bag would you choose?

  • M/L flap in pale gold lambskin, ghw

  • 226 reissue in silver distressed calfskin, shw

  • Neither (please feel free to suggest an alternative)

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Aug 10, 2008
Hi everyone...

OK, I'm down to the wire on my pre-increase purchase of my first two Chanels. I am for sure getting a jumbo black caviar w/ ghw. I was going to get as a second, occasional use bag a m/l flap in pale gold lambskin with ghw. Here is a photo of it courtesy of Charlotte03:

Based on a recommendation from another helpful tPFer I am now considering the 226 reissue in the silver (which I think is a sort of pearly whiteish, not a shiny silver) dsitressed calf with shw. This bag also happens to be available at my boutique. I have both bags on hold until the end of today and need to decide! Here is a link to deedeedor's thread where she has photos of this bag which she was lucky enough to acquire recently:

Some pros of the 226 reissue, as I understand, are that the distressed calf is less fragile than the metallic calf, and also it is larger. One thing that bothers me about the m/l flap is that it has such a limited capacity.

Please help! I haven't seen either of these bags in person but need to decide today. I'm sure they are both lovely, but I need your wisdom and expertise to help me choose wisely.

I am wanting this bag to be an occasional use bag that I could use for lunches out or shopping now and again, but that would transition easily into evening. I would imagine that I would use it a few times per month, tops. I'd like it to be able to be dressed up or down and to be multi-seasonal. Although I won't be using it often, I do want it to last!

Any feedback or advice would be most appreciated!

Thank you so much!