painting tables???

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  1. Ok, I have a really plain dining table that was ruined the last time I tye-dyed with some friends (don't have margaritas while you do it, it makes a HUGE mess). So i want to sand it and repaint it some fun color.

    I have a red wall that runs the length of my dining room/living room, fairly neutral couches with a hint of green in them and black coffee and end tables.

    So I need yalls help!! I want a fun table but nothing too out there, maybe painting the table a simple color and bringing in the fun stuff on the chairs?

    Just looking for ideas here. Thanks!!

    OH and I don't really eat at it, its more of a desk for school and my craft area.
  2. Why not paint the top one color and the legs in another?
  3. O.k so I have a little table for my kids (I think it use to be an end table) It is a hexagon shape with a sturdy fat base. When I originally painted it, I was not very good, so it is time to paint it again. I will be painting it black with a butterflies fluttering here and there.
    I love the idea of Black, because it has such a great sheen when you seal it, you can do swirls in red and green and lace those with silver, gold, or copper. I also love the idea of Trompe l'oeil, too. You can do one great base color and then paint a love letter on top that looks like it is really laying there. Don't forget to put your initials somewhere on it.
    Definitely bring in the colors of the existing furniture as a starting of point! Have fun!!!
  4. I was thinking black too since it will match your other furniture but then as gondola girl suggested, add some red/green/gold/coppers/silvers/tans/etc on the top! It will be beautiful!
  5. LOVE the black with metallic idea!! thanks I just have to get the motivation to sand the thing down and start painting
  6. That sounds like a really fun project! Hope you take some before and after pics so that we can root you along!
  7. My best friend and I have painted furniture for years. In fact I need to paint my kitchen table. (The kids got paint on it doing a school project).
    One table we did--sand and prime then painted it mint green and used medium tan paint and my friend did a fancy poem that was painted in very nice writing all around the table top end. Put a clear top coat on it to protect it and it was very elegant and pretty. She was in to the shabby chic look.
    We did a table in my den. Primed and painted it white and took a huge Betsy Cameron beach poster and used wallpaper glue to put it on the table at a slight angle. Put clear gloss over it for protection. This had to be one of my favorite looks.
    For my kitchen table I am thinking of painting it with black lacquer paint and doing a huge poster on it--a Paris them design. Or maybe a collage of Paris things. I will finish with a clear gloss over it. I want something different.
    I have done stencils and all types of faux finishes but now I am getting in to things that are a bit bolder. I have been painting all my interior doors with gel stain (a deep brown-very dark) and it makes those ugly white doors look like wood. I hope to do my fireplace mantle too. I thought of using the gel stain for my table because it is so easy to just dip cheesecloth in the paint and rub on any surface and you can play with it for different looks.
    Have you done a web search for painted tables? You might come up with some interesting things.
  8. This thread makes me feel giddy because I had a job for about 1.5 years doing exactly this.. painting tables... chairs... pictures frames... any piece of furniture or house decor you could think of that is made out of wood. and i LOVED it. I worked for a company called Sticks (hopefully it's ok that i mention that). I won't list their website but if you find it they have all sorts of examples of their work and it might give you some ideas of what you can do.

    When i bought my house I was able to purchase a table (because as an employee we got an AMAZING discount). I chose the colors, the theme and basically the overall design. I choose the person that I wanted to paint it because she painted so much like myself.

    Anyways... just thought i would show you my table so that you could see the amazing possibilities there are. the technique involves painting and woodburning (the lines)

  9. Ilove, I love your table!!!!!!
    Very beautiful!
    Sticks pieces remind me of victoria and richard or Mackenzie-Childs. Just so creative!!!!
  10. WOW!!! I was going to say black as well, but after seeing ILuvShopping's table, I say go for something fun!
  11. Wow that table is amazing! :nuts:
  12. i love the natural wood color against the painted areas... there's also some light gold metallic brushed over the natural in spots as well...

    you can also go buy other stains and mix those as well... cherry...walnut...espresso...oak.... the ideas are endless!

    we also did a technique where we would brush paint on the table (not nicely or neatly) - some wild color like magenta or turqouise, and then bang on the table with all sorts of objects like hammers.... to create indents and marks... then take a sander and sand off the top layer, but leaving the paint color in the indents created... then putting a coat of some stain over it... those pieces turned out AMAZING!

  13. I think you should use a lighter color on your table as your walls are if u place table near the wall it will be clearly visible in the sense that it is distinguish from the wall..:yahoo:

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