Paint your own fendi?

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  1. This bag cost $1,300, you color it yourself

  2. HAHA! Weird, but kind of cool! I'm not artistic so mine would look like crap, but if you were a good painter, I think it would be awesome!
  3. I was thinking the same thing, mine would look like a 3 year old did it. I would have to pay someone to do it for me!
  4. ...Was wondering if some tpfer already bought it and did her own "design" ??
    If so....please share !!!!!! I'd love to see it!
  5. I would so screw this up!!

    I would probably have a really good vision and then not be able to achieve it.
  6. i would mess it up and then i would be so upset. maybe if it was half the not feeling it. :tdown:


    I'm sorry, I just find this to be a REALLY terrible idea and I can't stop laughing that someone SOMEWHERE would fall for it.
  8. man oh man i don't know how i feel about that... yeesh lol..
  9. ya know after i think about it, if i could get a hold of a few friends of mine from school, i'd love to have them draw on a bag for me. i've seen a lot of innovative art (i went to an art school for a few yrz of highschool) i myself am not the artist per say, but i'd compare this idea to the Prada Fairy bags... you all love those things. think about it. someone drew that. you ever seen a piece of art you wish you could look at more often? a tattoo idea you don't necessarily want on your body? find the right artist and it could be awesome. i can imagine someone buying a few and doing well on them to sell on ebay maybe? i hope i remember to keep an eye out...
  10. I think the idea is kinda cool but if I were to buy it I would never end up drawing anything on it cause it would take me forever to decide on what to do....and then when I did decide I would feel like I was defacing the bag!
  11. Leave it to Fendi...
  12. I'm sure that it would look better in simply white than if I had anything to do with decorating it. And if I messed up a $1600 purse I think my husband would die.
  13. I would buy this bag and 100 others, if only I could get this artist to paint my bag. If you watch this video, I just want you to know that it takes about 8 minutes, but you will drop your ever-lovin' jaw. This is almost spiritual......
  14. I'm amazed that the artist that I am referring to above actually stays within his or her own lines, which is why I could never paint my own purse.......
  15. Compass ty for that link that's amazing!