Paging Chemlex

  1. I bookmarked your site, it is great!

    Just wondered if you were familiar with this handbag knockoff site:

    A casual friend told me about it -- doesn't seem like it would be a good place to do business.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Well that certainly got my attention :P

    You can always PM me, or send me an email at

    I've never shopped at the site, but I did check it out and the prices seem quite high. IMHO, it should never cost more than $100 for a knockoff.

    Also, never buy a Coach knockoff - they are reasonably priced bags and if you have a Coach Outlet within 50 miles of your home you definitely go there for some great deals.

    I have purchased a couple of LV knockoffs, and a couple Dior knockoffs. I either buy them in person or see if I can spot a good deal on eBay. Of course they always claim they are "authentic" but I know better.
  3. Thanks, Chemlex! I appreciate it and will definitely be reading your site.

    I would love to visit a Coach outlet, I'm in Oklahoma, and there aren't any around here. :sad:

    Have a great day!

    Jane Ann
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