padlock included with speedy?

  1. Hi all!
    I just got a Damier Speedy 25 from the LV store today :yahoo:. I love it! the padlock usually included? If not...mine did not come with it :wtf:.

  2. YES, call your s/a or elux , where ever you purchased it from and let them know you didnt get the lock and key.
  3. i never got a lock with my mini hl! oops...
    are they supposed to come with them??
  4. I got one with my black mc hl speedy, but that was 3 yrs ago.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to come with a lock and key. I know my Speedy 30 MC did.
  6. My epi speedy came with one- that's so strange that it wasn't included.
  7. aww! ok well what's the appropriate way to do this? i am so excited to wear this darn purse i need to bring it boxed up back to the store when i ask for the lock or can i just show them the receipt...while wearing the bag on my proud little arm? lol :smile:

    yes, it is odd it wasn't included. i was looking all over for it. the sa was such a dear to me too...where is the lock usually placed? inside the box? inside the bag? on the bag?
  8. Sure it should come with the padlock.
  9. Yes, you should get a padlock with your speedy purses including the MC HL.
  10. just stop in and mention to them you just purchased your bag and didnt get a lock with. I'm sure there will be no issue and they will hand you one.
  11. Yep you're supposed to get a lock and key with your Speedy... contact your store if you didn't get it... they're supposed to give it to you when you purchased your bag.
  12. ok. back to the store tomorrow! thanks all :smile: i'm happy to be part of this forum.
  13. Good luck! Don't leave without that lock! lol
  15. thank you everyone for being so helpful. i joined this forum today and i think i might have started my lv obsession too...eek!

    off topic, this is my 2nd lv. my mono mat noir fowler came in the mail this weekend :yahoo: i think have drank the coolaid...