Paddy strap in taupe, anyone?

  1. I tried on an anthracite paddy with shoulder strap this weekend, and I absolutely FELL IN LOVE. :love: (okay, part of this was due to the lock on the anthra being SO INCREDIBLY LIGHT, but that's beside the point)

    Now I'm dying to get a strap for my Taupe paddy, and I'm wondering if anyone is willing to sell one to me? Or knows somewhere I can just purchase the strap on it's own?

    Not entirely sure if it's even possible to attach the strap to a paddy purchased without one, does anyone have any idea? Perhaps it'd be best to sell my taupe off and buy a new one :sad:, but the whole selling process scares me. (then again I have been eyeing the aubergine)

    What do you all think? Does anyone have a taupe strap lying around that they don't want? Does it even exist? Help?
  2. Kip, is yours the regular Paddy satchel? Coz I don't think you can attach a strap to one of those if it isn't originally a strapped Paddy satchel. Those have a buckle on the side of the bag, which acts as the attachment point for the strap. Hmm, lemme see if I can hunt down a pic of said buckle:smile:

    ETA: Ok, found a pic.. This is off eBay and it's a yucky fake but this is for illustration purposes only.
  3. Oh noooo, I had an inkling that might be the case. Thanks for that Sue.. looks like my options have narrowed to selling my paddy off or waiting til I have the moolah to get a new one. :sad:

    Taupe paddys with a strap do exist though? Authentic ones?
  4. i never even new chloes ever came w/ straps!! :biggrin: I learn something new everyday on the PF!!!
  5. Kip, I'm not sure if the taupe ones ever came with the strap. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. I think even if they were made with Straps, it would be very difficult to hunt one down. I don't recall ever seeing one in taupe on any of the online sites. I was trying to think whether Cricket in the UK had any on their website a couple mths ago.. but my memory fails me, alas. If you go to their site now, I think there's less Paddys there than before. I'm pretty sure they had quite a few strapped ones on offer.. just don't remember whether taupe was ever one. I *think* there was a strapped mousse one on there before.
  6. Oh darn. I am half tempted to just get the anthracite now.. or just wait for the Chloe to come out with an aubergine with strap. I can see why some people dont like it (I recall someone saying the strap was too long and cumbersome?), but when I slung it over the shoulder diagonally on me it just looked and fitted fabulously. Sighs. Thanks for the info Sue!