paddy for $690 on NM!

  1. Fabulous price! I have this color otherwise I would be buying it!
  2. shoot-its gone....
  3. Wow, I'd NEVER imagined the Paddy would go ON SALE! Does that mean there's some glimmer of hope for other Chloe bags to get marked down? I can dream....
  4. That is surprising. I hope someone here got it!!
  5. Why did it get marked down, though? Was it a returned bag?
  6. wow - i guess it shows you how overpriced this is. perhaps it was just a straggler return that they had to get rid off.
  7. was it ever actually 'available'? Often people don't see the part on the bottom where it says 'not available'.
  8. wonder its "not available"...something like that could really start an online ordering riot!:lol:
  9. that must have been old...i know paddys now are $1,500 original price not 1300ish.
  10. This one was $1380 when it came out in Fall 2005. Anyway, when you add tax, it brings it up to around $1500...
  11. Oh wow! I wish I would have seen it earlier! $690 is an amazing deal!
  12. yes, it was available earlier this morning. it must have been a return (or someone found one in the warehouse).
  13. OMG how did I miss this!!!!!! Oy!!! One can never have too many paddys!!!!!!!
  14. wowwwwww. what a deal!!!!!!