Paddy, comes in 2 diff sizes?

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  1. I have a regular sized Paddy (about 14 inches across), I guess this is the large one?

    I'm getting a small Paddy in the mail. I have never seen this size in person, is it a lot smaller?

    Maybe someone here owns both sizes and can provide a picture of them side by side?

    Thanks so much for any help you can give to me :flowers: , I'm worried about the size difference.

  2. there's a few different size/styles as far as I know. . . I don't have any to show though.
  3. I believe the smaller paddy you are talking about is called the baby paddy, right? It is quite a bit smaller and is adorable.
  4. The small one is called the baby paddington. It is so cute! Maybe I should get the ivory/blanc/craie in the baby size...
  5. The baby one is cute...
    I love it. Please post pics when you get it
  6. That was so helpful lordguinny!! Thank you!!! The baby paddy is so adorable!! Love it!
  7. lordguinny, thanks so much! It was so helpful to see it in pictures being held by someone. Now I look forward to getting mine!

    Thanks, you guys are the best!

  8. OMG that mini paddy is sooo cute!
  9. I have the mini paddy and i adore it, fits a large purse, sunglasses, bunch of keys, mini ipod, lippy and phone very comfortably and is very easy to carry. In some ways i prefer it to my regular paddington.
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