Paddy Angst

  1. I was at Nordstrom early last week looking through their latest shipment of paddys, and really wanting either a choco or whiskey paddy. My amazing SA happened to be working that night and managed to hunt down a whiskey paddy satchel at another store. I was SOOO excited and went ahead with my order.

    Fast forward just over a week later to yesterday. I got home late from work to find that my long-awaited package from Nordstrom had arrived!! I was ecstatic!! I took the package, but the box seemed really unusually small. I thought to myself, "Maybe they mistakingly sold me a mini paddy?? Must be because no one in their right mind would stick a paddy stachel in this box." :idea:

    Famous last thoughts. I got home and opened it ... only to discover that someone thought it cute that my lovely whiskey paddy should masquerade as a sardine. :amazed: I know it's supposed to look slouchy and broken in, but the entire back and sides of the paddy had developed cellulite-looking creases in the leather from being crammed in the world's smallest box. Compared to my anthracite paddy, it looks like its ragged orphan sibling. The color is beautiful, but it definitely appears as though the leather creases won't be coming out any time soon. It just wasn't meant to be, and it will find its way back at Nordstrom.

    I wonder if this is a sign that whiskey may not have been the right choice??? Maybe I'lll take a little excursion on my lunch break to check out the chocos and whiskeys at the Chloe boutique. Do you wise ladies have any advice on which one I would get the most use out for both work and play?
  2. Aww... why would they squeeze the paddy into a tiny box. You should feedback to the store.
  3. Eww that's terrible. You should definitely complain... such an expensive bag should be packed with care! Regarding whiskey or choco... I think you'd probably get more wear out of the chocolate & it's definitely more suitable for work as it's not as eye catching. BUT whiskey is more unique, there are a lot of nice dark brown bags out there but the whiskey is 'very paddy' IMO. I love my whiskey :love:.
  4. you should take it back and wait. don't settle for less than you want!!!!

    if you don;t love it, return it immediately. less guilt later.
  5. Amazing, if I were the manager of that department, I would be having serious words with the person responsible! :mad: Isn't it just common (or not so common!) sense that you wouldn't squidge a large bag into a tiny box?!! :amazed:

    What a waste! :cry:
  6. That's horrible. From what I know about Nordstrom's shipping procedures, the s/a doesn't box the item for packing and shipping - they bring it to another department for that purpose. Hopefully you will get your shipping reimbursed and a new, perfect bag overnighted to you at no additional charge!
  7. How dissapointing! You spend serious money and then have your purchase treated like you bought it at the dollar store. I hope you find a whiskey satchel that looks amazing after dealing with this boo boo.
  8. That's awful! I would definitely file a complaint!
  9. That happened to me and my choco paddy (from Ron Herman) - they squished her so that she looked like a sharpei when she came out. But I stuffed her like a blowfish, and now she's just fine - all the wrinkles have smoothed out.

    But if it bothers you, there are enough whiskeys out there that you'll get the one you want.
  10. I've had a few incidences like that - some have ironed out but some just came with the bags. I returned the ones that didn't smooth out to my liking. You need to love your bag!
  11. Roey - Thanks for the insight on Nordstrom's shipping. It makes sense that someone in another department, who might be unfamiliar with paddingtons, was the culprit that packed it.

    Jbelle, I tried stuffing my little sharpei today, but I am giving up and returning it to a nearby Nordstrom this weekend.

    It's unfortunate that I'm not the only one who has received manhandled paddys!! :sad2: I defintely plan to write to store that shipped it to voice my displeasure. In the meantime, I am going to try to stop by the NYC Chloe boutique this week during work to pick up a new whiskey or choco paddy. I still really love the whiskey, but I'm curious to see the choco IRL after seeing pics on this forum.
  12. I've always been curious how these expensive bags are handled in warehouses for dotcom distribution, but you would certainly expect more from a dept store proper....

    I think the choco would be a gorgeous, neutral classic for you!
  13. Choc is fabulous and looks great over the years. I love how the leather really breaks in over time.

    Whisky on the other hand is a great all year round color. if your one of those girls that sticks to darks for dall/winter, i'd go with the whisky.

    good luck at the NYC boutique!
  14. How think that careless and/or poorly trained employees must be costing these department stores hundres of thousands of dollars by manhandling merchandise each year!!

    As far as the colour goes it's tough!! But i think that I love the whiskey more. They are both great,versatile colours have to know (and don't interpret this as a "sign" !!)

    Good luck!
  15. So I don't know where to post this- but I was in a store today and I saw this beautiful Bleu Nuit Paddy on a girl. I was staring at it because I have just bought one and waiting for it to be sent. I know I was staring at her, but she rudely said to me "Do you need to see it up close or somethng!?" SOOO RUDE!