Paddingtons as (Christmas?) Presents

  1. Ok, I have no idea how it got to be November :wtf: but the holiday season is upon us. Tons of Christmas commericals, decorations and trimmings at the maul.

    So I am wondering, how many of you are expecting a Chloe for Christmas??
    How many are giving a Chloe as a gift?? :flowers:
  2. Aside from my husband, most of my family members would balk at spending 1K or more on a purse. They would rather put that money towards a TV or electrical appliance. lol.

    So unless I am treating myself (which I plan to do) I don't think I'll be receiving any Chloes as a gift this year.
  3. Thank goodness I already have my paddy, because it this life time I have NO ONE that would ever give me one as a gift, nor do I plan on giving one either. My friends and family wouldnt even know what is was LOL!
  4. i'm giving my mom my anthracite paddy!!!!!!! but not for christmas though, just because i love her!
  5. Haha, LG, i totally agree!:nuts:

    I showed my sister my collection earlier and she was speechless...:P
  6. Exacty ranskimmie!! That's the way it is for me too. But I can't belive that my DH is actually considering getting me a Dyson Vacuum for X-Mas. :yahoo: I would love that!!
  7. We have The Animal and love it!! :nuts:

    I so want a Roomba for Christmas!! :roflmfao:

  8. The Dyson is AWESOME!
  9. Me Three... Nobody besides my husband would buy me anything expensive. Funny I just told my mom I want money this year. She was like for what another purse. I just walked away without answering. I have a PHM - :cursing:
    I couldn't tell her how much I paid for my new bag, she would die. When she was guessing I was like yea mm hmm.
  10. L_Rod i totally have the exact same problem with my mum:rolleyes: !thank gdness she has no idea chloe is branded, she only knows mainstream brands like prada, dior etc. thus she hasnt got a clue how much my paddy costs! :lol:
  11. My SO might get me something Chloe this year (he's already kind of hinted!) but not my family. I'll probably get jewelry or something from them. :smile:
  12. I would love to have a Chloe Xmas but I think I will have to get it for myself. My DH has bag avoidance!
    Hmwe46, there is a funny website where they have outfits for roombas.
  13. No Chloe this year. I've even given strict instructions to my SA at Nordies to NOT recommend a Chloe bag to my BF. When (not if) he goes to see my SA, she has a list of items she will gladly recommend. Even if it has to be shipped from the west coast.
  14. Cool NWPurselover!! PM me with the URL?? :roflmfao:

    My dogs will go CRAZY with a roomba in the house, but it would save so much time sweeping under beds and such.

    Audrey, your SO must be peeking over your shoulder while you on-line shop!! :graucho::heart:
  15. ^ LOL!! :roflmfao: I think he is!!! :lol:

    OOOO is a roomba that little machine that slides under things and vacuums for you??? I really want one of those!!! :nuts: