Paddington tote


Aug 20, 2006
I have had other Paddington's (black and brown satchels) but sold them because I found them a little difficult to get in and out of. They're so pretty to look at though!! This popped up on The Real Real and it was marked down 30% plus I had a $40 credit so I went for it. It's heavy (which I was expecting) but so much more user friendly. Here she is in all her smooshy glory! From the 2006 era. IMG_20240320_103303094.jpgIMG_20240320_103215778.jpgIMG_20240320_103349050.jpgIMG_20240320_103420464.jpgIMG_20240320_103434123.jpgIMG_20240320_103505698.jpg
You have the best TRR finds!
Does it unzip for extra space?
The lock is, like, a third of the weight 😅
Thank you!! So, yes, the bottom zipper opens for extra space and the previous owner had it stuffed with tissue paper. I took that all out, I'd rather have it empty and slouchy. I heard it's a good place to put an umbrella! I know that lock is so heavy but honestly it looks weird without it....the lock is what makes the Paddington!! :tup:
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