Paddington in Nutmeg - Any Pics to share?

  1. Hi..

    I'm debating on whether or not to buy the Chloe Paddington in Nutmeg. It's 40% off in NM private sale. I really love the whiskey, but nutmeg is all they have for the brownish color.

    I've found a picture in net-a-porter, but I just want to see some real pics.. Sometimes what we see on the website is slightly different.

    So, anyone who has the bag, can you please post the picture for me ASAP? - i believe the sale will end today.

    Thanks a lot in advance..
  2. Hi badol. Good choice the Nutmeg (or Muscade, as it is also known). Here are some pics of my Muscade/Nutmeg. They are the photos taken by the lady I bought the bag from - a lovely PFer (ilove2shop) - as I haven't taken any yet (plus these are superb shots that I don't think I could better!) :yes:
    Muscade outside(Small)wm.JPG Muscade outside close(Small)wm.JPG muscade ebay wm.JPG chloe nutmeg 002 (Small)wm.JPG chloe nutmeg 001 (Small) wm.JPG
  3. Gorgeous pics!!!! :drool:

    I wish i could take part in the NM sale. But I'm in Australia!

    I just went to NAP to order the nutmeg Paddy and the site is down for maintenance! :cursing:
  4. its working again, but i didn't see the nutmeg paddy
  5. :nuts: The Nutmeg Paddy is back, but I can't proceed to check-out! :cursing:

    Will have to come back laaater.....:shrugs:
  6. Oh I feel your pain nelstar - will you sign my chloe petition? Lol
  7. What's your Chloe petition bellacherie? :confused1:
  8. I'm trying to petition chloe to open a store in Australia - thus far they have not responded :crybaby:
  9. I'd be happy to support you ;) but I'm down in Tassie so I'd still be deprived anyway. :crybaby:

    But in exciting news....I *just* ordered the nutmeg Paddy off NAP!!!! :yahoo:

    Sorry to hi-jack this thread! :push:
  10. I liike nutmeg over whiskey the browntone seems more versatile to me than the more "orangey" whiskey.
  11. I have 2 whiskey paddy but I would definitely love to have one in Nutmeg (Muscade) too even though the colors are quite close.
    To me, whiskey gives more "pop" than the slightly "muted" Nutmeg (down to earth), which I love too!:heart:
    Now I am waiting for the day when my purseban is off.... then NUTMEG here I come!:sweatdrop:
  12. Hi Badol,

    I just got a muscade/nutmeg from net-a-porter. Here's a couple of pictures of mine. Its a gorgeous color that goes with just about anything. I love mine.

    Hope this helps.
    ILuvMyMuscade.jpg Muscade051107(1).jpg
  13. WOW...

    Thanks for the pics Pamella72, I bought mine the other day in NM.

    Can wait until it get here.. =)

    Thank u all for the comments!!
  14. wow.. lucky ladies I love those bags and that color!

  15. I'm so glad I also ordered this from NAP. I emailed them last week and they said they had "limited quantities" left and that they would not be re-stocking. Can't wait for it to get here! :nuts: