Paddington Flat Pocket Bag

  1. Does anyone have pictures of the paddington flat pocket bag (square look) without the stuffing in it? in all pictures on catalogs or internet it looks like a perfect sqaure. i was wonder if it has a slouch like the original satchel?
  2. Yes...and it does slouch more, but keeps "some" of the square look. Slouches more when carried.
    Chloe Blanc Pocket angle.jpg Chloe Blanc Pocket desk.jpg Chloe Blanc Pocket hanging.jpg Chloe Blanc Pocket holding.jpg
  3. beautiful bag. it does have a slouch. Did you just buy it? Congrats.
  4. Yes, I got it last Thursday (I think, maybe Friday). I am not sure whether I am keeping it or not. It is not as square as the pics, and it is bigger than the regular Paddy satchel if that helps.