Paddington ~ comparisons

  1. Ok, I think I have decided I want a paddington. How many sizes are there? Are they handheld or shoulder? I have seen pics of the satchel and that looks like it could be both?

    In other designers, I like the Balenciaga twiggy and box; and in LV, I love the speedy. Do you think the paddington is similar to those?

  2. Hi freetoes,

    I have two paddy satchels, and of the bags you listed above, I would liken them to the Balenciaga twiggy in terms of size. The twiggy is lighter though!

    I mostly carry my satchels on my arm (in the crook of my arm) but it can be carried on the shoulder, though not as easily or comfortably as the twiggy in my opinion.

    I think the twiggy is the lightest and most comfortable bag I own. But that's just me.

    The paddy pocket satchel (the smaller pocket satchel, not the really large one) might be a good option for you as well. I have one that I love; I find it extremely versatile and comfortable to carry. It's very comfortable to carry on your shoulder because the straps are longer.
  3. sorry for the interruption and totally off topic but i'm so glad you are loving the twiggy!

    okay now back to your regularly scheduled chloe...
  4. You're so funny!
    I totally am loving it!:yahoo:
  5. :smile: that's quite all right.... I love the twiggy too, so I don't mind at all! It's one of my favorite bags. I bought a Chloe silverado hobo because I could not resist the leather, but I think I need to investigate the paddington. Thanks for your help.

    The pocket satchel sounds something I'd be interested in......