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  1. Okay. You've done it. You've convinced me this is the next one I want! I'm thinking perhaps come fall I'll go for Birch. My Keep All is large, so maybe I should be thinking medium? What do you think? What a fabulous color for this style. Thank you for the great pics!
  2. ^^Thanks! I think the medium would also be awesome in Birch since the proportions and shape are similar. The large PS1 holds quite a bit so if you don't have to carry books or files, the medium is probably a more practical size. I'm planning on a medium next, maybe in maize or kelly green. :graucho:
  3. ^^^ your Birch is stunning, cali! I saw this color IRL at Barneys, but in the X-Large size. I couldn't stop staring at it and tried it on multiple times. The color is quite versatile and beautiful at the same time.

    I think a Medium in Maize (which I obviously love) or Kelly Green will be a fantastic addition to your collection.
  4. Oh, and I don't know why I posted yesterday that I was on the fence about my Smoke Medium. When I first received it, the bad fluorescent lighting at my work made the color look just ok. Once I took it home and saw it in natural light, it was TRUE LOVE.

    Haven't had a chance to take pics of my Smoke, but will do so in the next day or so. I've stayed true to my original plan: one pop and one neutral PS1. Maize and Smoke!!!
  5. I'm loving the colors this spring, especially the kelly green and maize. They will soon be sold out though when the fall colors are released.. I got the kelly green wallet and really love the color, but I'm now wondering if I should get a bag too?
  6. hmmm... are you thinking about the Medium or the Large in kelly green? Or perhaps one of the other styles?
  7. I was thinking the Medium, the size is great for this color I think. I had bright colored (sang&moutarde) Bal Work last year though, they were perhaps more the size of the Large Keep All. I'm also thinking of a Keep All but in a more neutral color.
  8. It's a difficult decision, indeed! Do you have any other bright medium-sized bags? Or, are there any bright Medium PS1s for F/W that you have your eye on? Perhaps that will help you decide whether to get kelly green now or wait until later...

    btw- I love Sang. I had a Sang Twiggy for just a brief time, and fell in love with the color.
  9. I'm lacking in bright colored bags right now. I've also been eying the Moss suede at HGBags, it looks like a suede version of Kelly Green? The FW colors are really nice too, there are some I like but the Kelly Green is amazing (right now at least).
  10. Then a Kelly Green Medium sounds perfect for you! But I love the Moss suede... it's the same as Grass, no?
  11. ^I have also been thinking if Moss and Grass are the same, but the pics are very different. I know PS is supplying some colors to select stores, or the stores are not ordering the same.

    The Kelly Green Medium would be great, I think the leather looks a bit more saturated than the suede too?
  12. I saw a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL Grass suede Large at a boutique. The color was saturated and clean. But then at Barneys, I saw a Medium Grass suede and it was faded and so,so dirty.

    Me thinks that the Kelly Green Medium would be the better investment.
  13. riry, have you gotten jean transfer on your maize?

  14. I found Vectra spray on footwearetc.com

    Btw, I did test spots using both Vectra and Apple Garde, but liked the results of Vectra the best.
  15. Ellies YES, I think you should get some color to you collection. Kelly Green would be perfect!