P C E???

  1. hey guys I am totally new the the forum & I have been seeing PCE a lot. What does this mean or stand for.
  2. It's the Preferred Customer Event. Coach sends 25% coupons to Preferred Customers and it's 25% off of your entire purchase in the full price stores. No outlets unfortunately.:tdown:

    I totally understand because I didn't know for the longest time either.

    BTW, welcome!
  3. I didnt know what it was either, and when I joined the forum they were in the midst of it!!!!! I actually bought a few bags w/o PCE b/c I didnt KNOW about it...then someone told me to call a store and see if they would give me the discount over the phone and they did!!!!! I did hear this time around they are getting much stricter w/ that though :crybaby: I am praying to the Coach G-ds I get a PCE card though!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. wow thanks for letting me know. is this something I ask for at the register or what?