Oxford with tag that says "sample, not for sale"

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  1. Hello, I'm a new member on here and have just recently purchased a couple of LAMB bags on ebay. I have always loved Gwen's bags though and am a huge fan. Anyway, I've been reading about how some bags are PVC coated and was wondering if this would be true for a silver Oxford. I received this bag a few days ago and it is in near excellent condition...I love it, only it is a bit heavy. So to stop rambling, I was checking for a tag to see if it was made of PVC and the only tag I could find says "sample,not for sale" Does anyone know what this means and does anyone know if Oxfords are PVC coated? Thanks so much!
  2. Checked again and it actually says "sample not to be sold"
  3. It's coated canvas with all leather trimmings and leather straps - I have the oxford tote as well but I guess yours is from the sample sale. I got mine at the Nordstrom's Anniversary sale a couple of years ago.

    You're right it is a heavy bag (it's probably my heaviest bag).
  4. So the coating isn't PVC? It is a gorgeous bag...I love it!
  5. the bag is canvas coated in a plastic chemical. so I guess it is "Kind of" PVC
  6. the tag inside my oxford says pvc & leather so there you go.
  7. I purchased that bag in Cheetah at the nordstrom sale as well but I had to return it, it was WAY to heavy for me. Too bad cause it is so hot but it was just too uncomfortable to carry.
  8. Hey- someone should put their Oxford (empty) on a scale- how much does one weigh? I'm curious now! LOL!
  9. I used my food scale. A little small but hopefully it did the job right.
    Both bags were measured empty of all items and stuffing

    Cheetah Oxford - 1355 grams / 47.8 ounces
    Cheetah Mandeville - 915 grams / 32.3 ounces
  10. that is heavy for a bag. with your stuff in it, it's what 5 lbs?! insane!
  11. ^Yeah, I was thinking the same thing lol. I was kinda surprised to hear those measurements because they roughly translate to 3 lbs and 2 lbs respectively.

    I could've sworn the Oxford felt 5 lbs empty!! It looks lovely, but I agree it's WAAAAAY too heavy (even just to carry for a special occasion).
  12. Wow!! Heavy bag (Oxford) and yes, a Mandeville can be heavy too once all your stuff is in it. I find that my Capri is another heavy one, but that's only when I have it full.
  13. I'll find a better scale and try measuring again. My scale is less then half the width of the bottom of the Mandeville.
  14. ^^LOL!
    It's not that important, but since it's been mentioned before about the heaviness of some of the bags, I thought it would be interesting to know.
  15. With all my stuff inside the oxford, the straps tend to leave a red mark on my arm - but I still love the bag. It is almost damage proof.