Owners of Vernis Red Pieces......

  1. HI everyone! I was wondering if you have a red vernis piece....is it a dark red or a bright red?

    On elux, the pic of the bedford (upclose pic) shows a dark red, but some other pieces I've seen look candy apple red.

    Can you tell me if there were different kinds of red vernis or what you have? Thanks everyone!!
  2. ^^Great pieces Tammy! Thank you! It is such a pretty color.
  3. Red vernis is my fave :heart:

    Here's my agenda:
  4. Bright red and shimmer..
    DSC04154a.JPG DSC04160a.JPG
  5. I wouldn't call it candy apple red...as I always think of candy apple as a slightly pinkish tink and it has more orange undertones. More like a bright, sparkly tomato, or if your firmilar with hermes colors, a metallic vermillion.