owners of mini lin speedy...question pls

  1. I just purchased this bag yesturday...let me start by saying, I absolutly :heart: the speedy, by far my fav bag. I even love the sag. Well, I put my stuff in it and It was SO SAGGY and flat and deflated looking. It looked weird. I dont know if I'm not carrying enough in it to fill it out. So, I put in back in the bag to return today. Is it just me or do any of you feel this way too??? I just dont want to return it and regret it. Any thouhts????? TIA
  2. I love my mini lin speedy..it sags more than any other speedy I have. If you don't love it enough, yes exchange it to something else..
  3. It could be that you don't have enough inside??:shrugs: Have you tried a mag on the bottom? I too was worried about the whole sag issue and that was the reason I held off on the ML for "soooo long". LOL, I came to find out the sag was not a issue for me (I think it's because I have alot of things inside). Mine keeps about 98% of its shape. Minimal sag.

    Btw, Here's what I have inside...

    Mag (on bottom..US weekly)
    Groom Pochette Wallet
    Sm. Agenda
    1 - ball of yarn
    small knitting proj.
    post-it pad
    glasses case
    small brush
    sm. knitting access.

    whew...LOL! I LOVE my ML!!!!!!!! :love: I've used it everyday (except 1) since I've gotten it Dec. 27!! LOL ...I usually switch bags every wk or every 3 days or so...So to use the ML for so long is....LOL, A big deal for me!!

    Good Luck on your decision!!
  4. a little piece of cardboard on the bottom would help.
    or do a search on 'pursekets' or the magazine on the bottom, or put a light puffy sweater in there to fill it out.

    enjoy your moments of sag and moments of perfect shape, they are all part of the speedy!

    and if you DON"T like that, then you DEF need to return it, b/c that will not change!
  5. I felt the same way and returned it.
  6. That's why I didn't like the mini lin too. I much prefer the monogram or Damier.
  7. LOL!! Ya...I noticed lately I'm lovin' both moments "non-sagging" and recently "sagging" as well! LOL! I guess I just love the Speedy!!! :love: :heart:

    Sometimes I catch myself not taking alot of things, and noticing "the sag" I get w/ my Speedies (mono, ML, damier, etc.). I glance at my Speedy while carrying it and think..."Hmm...":idea: I think I'm starting to kinda like this "sag thing" for a change. :p LOL! (Interesting...)

    I don't know...LOL like I said...Just love S P E E D I E S!!:heart:
  8. Oh....I don't like saggy bag too but I put a hard-paper at the buttom and it is in shape and looks great!
  9. you're just not carrying enough i notice the difference between carrying alot and just a few things inside.

    and oh all speedies really sag and of course you can do something about it like putting cardboard and mags etc..

    I love my mini lin.yeah its fabric but its really durable and i love the fact that it doesnt have the vachetta(handles) like the monos.Not a big fan of patina.I love the virgin light vachetta.
  10. LOL, I guess we just love speedy unconditionally..sag or no sag..it's all good..
  11. I bought the min lin speedy a few months ago, I was kinda sad though because it looked black in the store but when I got home it was dark brown. I mean the color is called ebene!!! It is so much of an ordeal to return it though ( I live very far away from any lV store) so I kept it. I put my agenda in it (on the bottom)and it helps with the sagging but I must say I was very disappointed with this bag!!
  12. i am starting to really want a mini lin speedy, i absolutely love the leather on the mini lin. I am not a fan of the sagging though, i have a piece of cardboard on the bottom of my damier speedy to hold its shape. If i got this bag i would do the same.
    Ahh i actualy had a dream that i had this bag last night :love:
  13. Ohhh I have sag envy! (did I just say that??) I love that saggy look which is why I think I love speedys so much!
  14. I find this bag sags a lot! i have put a small gossip mag in the bottom and its perfect :smile: like you i didnt care how it folded in and looked :yucky: but its all fixed now :smile:
    I say keep the bag, and just put a gossip mag on the bottom.. it wont look as structured as putting cardboard in it.
  15. I put a large PURSEKET in mine but no magazine at the bottom. I carry many things and the sag is minimal. The Purseket helps the bag retain a structured shape. I tried the magazine at the bottom along with the Purseket but it looked too structured for my taste. :yes: