Owners of Epi Pochettes

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  1. I really want an epi pochette but was wondering how much stuff it can really hold. I already have a mono pochette accessoires and it fits quite a bit but I'm thinking the epi pochette won't hold as much since it seems thinner and the material is harder? If anyone has any pictures of their purses with their items in there it would be a great help! TIA =)
  2. I have a lilac epi pochette and it certainly does not hold half of what the azur pochette (same size as mono) can hold:


    and here's a pic of what my azur pochette can hold:

    and yes, the leather is stiffer than the canvas, so there isn't as much give when you put your things inside...if there's a button on your wallet, let's say, like my porte monnaie plat, you may see a bump on the outside of the epi pochette though this doesn't really ruin the bag in any way...

    Either way, I love mine and it's a nice going out bag.
  3. I do not have a picture, but I am using my manderin pochette today. Inside of it, I have a pocket organizer, a six ring holder, my cell phone, and my car keys. It looks great, and is not bulging at all.
  4. It doesn't hold that much unless you have thin wallet, thin cell phone, not bulky set of of keys, lip gloss and some small other items
  5. it doesnt hold much, but it is GORGEOUS!
    and elegant too..
  6. My friend has the black one, and a thicker mono wallet (maybe a ludlow??) and when she carries it, she can never close the purse once she also has her car keys, lipstick and cell phone in there (i.e. just the essentials for going out). It always makes me nervous when she carries it, because she never zips it up, and I'm frightened she'll drop something/have something stolen. That said, I think Karman's lilac bag looks fabulous, but clearly you can't carry altogether that much in the epi pochette.
  7. I used to have one - and you're right, it does not hold nearly as much as the canvas ones. I love the look of the epi pochettes, but it did not hold enough for me.
  8. i love using my black Epi pochette :yes:

    it can fit: lipgloss, 8801 cellphone, pen, car keys and black epi cles.

    i'll post pics later :P
  9. Thanks for your comments everyone! Hmmm well I don't really carry too much except the essentials so I guess it might be okay. I just really like the look of it.

  10. Thank you for these reference pics Karman! I'm about to get an Azur Pochette but I also eventually want an Epi one. It's good to see the difference on what they can hold!
  11. I had the Black Epi Pochette then I took it back to LV and exchanged it with the Mono Pochette Accessories. I think the Epi Pochette looks very classy and elegant but doesn't fit much in it.
  12. You are very welcome ;)