Owners of a Louis vuitton carryall please help :(

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  1. #1 Oct 1, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2010
    Im new to this site so please bare with me if any of you lovely people reply as for right now I dont even no if im doing this right.Im just typing lol

    RIGHT I need your help ALL OF YOU :smile:
    Iv got a speedy 30,Delighfull GM and the next bag im deciding to buy is a mongram carryall which here in England were I live is £775
    Im 19 years old 5'10 and I just want to hear what you guys think of the bag?I really like it and because im tall I think it will be a big enough bag (I think).I got my speedy 30 agers ago and even tho I really love the bag I find that maybe I made a mistake because it wasent as big as what I though it was which was abit of a downer becase I love the shape and that its a classic.I was going to go for a keepall 45 which I no is a couple of more cm bigger then the carryall buut unfortuantly over were I am all the stores have ran out of them and I wont beable to get one after christmas and ill be honest IF I WANT SOMETHING I WANT IT NOW!and I dont have patents when it comes to Louis V :'(.If everyone or anyone could help me that would be amazing as for im really stuck and it is hard for me to find a bag,I just dont want a bag which looks small on me really and if any of you nice people have any pictures you could upload of both bags (Mainly the carryall) just so I can see how big it actually is that would be fantastic...Thankyou guys :smile: :heart: xxx p.s I just need something praticall e.g for shopping and work :P if you have any other bags which you think would be ideal for me all comments are appreciated and I would like your views on them :smile:
  2. I totally agree with Elliespurse, go for the Icare (:*
  3. Thankyou guys :smile:
    Yes I have taken the Icare into concidaration but its 15.5inch length were as the carryall is 16.5inches :sad: I really do like it tho :smile:
    Can you 2 think of any other bags apart from the keepalls which would be a decent size for me.....I just really want a big bag?