Owner of GP please read

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  1. Kindly share your thought of how you like it so far. What size did you get and does it work out well with your height, too big too small?
    Good, bad, (ugly)anything you can share here would be appreciated.

    Please post your modeling picture with GP.

  2. Basically GP is like a cheaper version of Birkin for me. Lighter too and can be a shoulder bag. I have the MM size. The only turn of is, the Negonda leather is softer than Togo (compare to my Birkin), after a few weeks use, the corner has some use marking (very light), while Togo hasnt got one.
  3. well, i got a GP standard size, love it very much, use a lot, almost everyday, I agree with fannaticsydney's view for Negonda leather, it is soft and I alreay got markings on the corners, not serious one.
  4. GP is my workhorse - I have two - and I use one of them every single day. one is giant (which I use the most) and the other is the tall narrow size. Its a great bag!! Go for it!!
  5. Do you all use the larger ones as a handbag or in addition to a handbag, as a tote?
  6. I use it as a tote Kallie Girl. I always have another bag with me as well.

    The TGM along with a rollerboard are perfect for carry on. And the GP is really strong - which for me, is absolutely required. When I travel it holds my computer, kindle, headphones, ipod, baggie w/ drug items, kitchen sink, makeup, phone, BB, ulysses, pen case, wallet, a couple of magazines and my handbag, which has other asstd SLGs inside it.

    When I said it was a workhorse, I meant it...
  7. I'm curious, is it more for a man? I got a very strange look when I asked to try it on a while ago. Maybe women don't buy it where I live. :shrugs:
  8. Thank you, Everyone, for posting your responses

    I been thinking about getting a GP but since some of you said the corners wear out after a few weeks. Are they really show 'wear' that fast in few wks? are they obvious? Now that I heard I don't know how I feel about GP anymore. If it show sign a few months or yr I can understand but few wks? *sigh*. Should I shouldn't I? I think I'm confused *sigh*
  9. I abuse mine, and they look fine -- I think it might depend on the color.
  10. Wow, this is good to know!! Thank you!!
  11. I LOVE mine! I've got both the all leather version in the large size which I use an an overnight bag and the MM size in Toile/Leather which is my spring/summer week-end basic bag. FABULOUS, under-the-radar bags, IMO! A must have......
  12. I have the MM size and one just larger. They're both toile/leather, and I love them! Have had them since they first came out, and think they both still look really good.

    I use the MM as tote for traveling, and the larger one for driving trips. Love them, love them, love them!
  13. I have an ardoise negonda that has taken a lot of abuse. There are no feet on these bags, so getting scuffs on the corners is par for the course. Here is a pic of my corners, after heavy use. I do not baby this bag. I stuff it with my computer, food, magazines, shoes, etc. It's sometimes my rainbag. This bag sees the floor all the time!


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  14. I know the toile GPs use Buffalo skin for the leather part, so it is much harder to scuff/scratch. My mum have one of those and after 4 years of heavy use, only one of the corner have scuffed. It is a heavy duty bag because of the toile and buffalo skin.

    Not sure about the negonda leather versions.
  15. The corners of my leather GP look like hermesmonkey's. It doesn't bother me though as this is my go anywhere, do anything bag. I've had mine since around 2007 and love it just as much now that it is scuffed and floppy as I did when I first saw it.
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