Owl in my yard!

  1. Here is a cool pic of a Screech Owl in my front yard, DFW area, Texas!

    I love owls, they are so beautiful. Anyone else have pics?

  2. awww, i've never seen an owl in person...well that is in it's natural setting. how long was it there? looks like its eyes are closed because it's too sunny hehe.

  3. I was shocked when I first saw him, in a freak ice storm freeze we had back in December. He was sitting on our front bench, taking shelter from the sleet on our covered porch area. We had to go right by him to open the door, he never moved! Then, whenever it was "cold" he would perch there, so sweet. Then I noticed him in the front little pine tree. Yes, most days in the hot sun :smile:
  4. How cute! That's sweet that he stayed on your bench and never moved during the storm.
  5. Oh, he's beautiful!:heart: Great pic.thanks for sharing.:smile:
  6. How beautiful, sleeping away.
  7. Wow. What an amazing creature.
    Thanks for sharing/posting.
  8. awww cutie Owl!
  9. He's so beautiful! :yes:
  10. I love owls too. We have a family in my yard, great horned owls. I havent spotted the nest for this year but last year it was really easy to see. The baby was adorable, just a big white puffball.

    Also have a coopers hawk family but they nest further away now that the owls have kind of taken over. I had pics but I dunno where they are now :sad:
  11. Wow, what a cutie. I think Owls are soooooo fascinating and sooo adorable looking. Unfortunately it is pretty rare to see one (in the wild at least) in Southern California, but I have seen them once in awhile. Thanks for sharing!