Overstock Cafe Betty arrived w/ pics

  1. I received the betty today and it is definitely authentic, but it seems so delicate, and a screw is missing from the zipper hardware. The python leather seems so thin- I think I would probably be afraid to carry it- if it got caught on something I'd be afraid the leather would tear. Anyway here are the photos of this beautiful yet delicate bag:
    IMG_1824.jpg IMG_1827.jpg IMG_1828.jpg IMG_1829.jpg IMG_1830.jpg
  2. thanks so much for posting the photos! (i've been looking for them every day :shame:smile:. it is gorgeous but it sounds like you don't think you'll be keeping it...?
  3. It looks gorgeous ... it's too bad that it's missing a screw! I still think it's a beautiful bag!
  4. Thanks for sharing the pics. I too had been waiting eagerly for "our" bag to arrive!:p

    I think it's absolutely gorgeous! :heart:

    I know what you mean about python seeming so delicate. I have a couple of python bags, and one of them has very thin scales that seem soooo delicate. I've had the bag for years and it's still in excellent condition. Everyone says that python skin is very durable if you are careful with it. But that said, I am a nervous wearing it sometimes, and I have to admit, it rarely sees the outside of my closet! My other python bags just seem "tougher" somehow; the scales aren't quite as tissue paper thin.

    Are you going to keep it or send it back?
  5. It is gorgeous!!! I love it!

    I'd keep it without the screw.
  6. oooh, even with a screw loose, it looks amazing

    Could you perhaps contact them and ask for a further discount for this slight?

    gorgeous bag, thanks for the piccies :biggrin:
  7. Chloe-babe, I wish I would have thought to ask them for a discount.

    Also I figured that Chloe wouldn't want to give me any hardware for a bag I purchased through an unauthorized dealer.:s

    I went through through every last bit of the packaging searching for that screw. Unfortunately I never was able to find it.

    Sadly, I just ended up sending it back. It should be back on the site in a week or so, so if anyone is interested, please keep checking.
  8. how much was it?
  9. Boy that was a beautiful color. It was hard to see in the picture where the screw was missing.
  10. I'm so glad that the bag you received is authentic. I purchased a Fendi Spy from Overstock several months ago and it was fake. Congrats, it's gorgeous!
  11. I had the exact same bag but sold it on because it was just too delicate for me :sweatdrop: :push:
  12. Sparkle-
    You think maybe the Overstock Chloes are seconds? Authentic, but flawed, from the manufacturer? Perhaps they got a bad lot of python that day. I heard the same thing about Bluefly Chloe's having inferior leather hides.
    Just curious, I recently sucked up and bought a paddy from NM's website just because I know it is real and first quality and wouldn't be wondering about it.