Oversized, round sunglasses?

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  1. Hiya lovelies!

    I've been keep an eye out for a pair of oversized sunglases, with a rounder shape for ages, but haven't come across any. I thought one of the style masters from the forum might have seen some and can pass on a recommendation.

    With sunglasses, the bigger the better for me (my nick name as a child was egg head because me head is rather large! :p) I love the big Dior ones that everyone was wearing a few years ago, but I've found through much experimentation that a round shape works a lot better on me rather than a square shape. Also, I'm a particularly big fan of plastic rims, rather than aviators etc.

    If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

  2. Oooh, what do you think of these? Has anyone got a pair?

  3. OHH the mj ones are cute! you'll probably like a pair of giorgio armani, they're super round and super cute! and i know which dior ones you're talking about..dior glossy! they look great on big faces but overwhelming on small ones..
  4. How about Oliver Peoples Harlot...they're exactly what you're describing. There's pics on here of celebs wearing them. Maybe try a search. I have a pair and love them. I have a small face, but I still think they look chic.
  5. Chanel makes a big, round pair that Nicole Richie's been spotted wearing. Someone on tPF got them and is modeling them in her avatar, but I forget her member name! :push:

    Also, check out Chloe. They have some big, round ones, too!

  6. Ooo..I love them. I'm after a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses! :wtf:
  7. these are chanel SUPER CUTE
    361.jpg 95d4_12.jpg
  8. Wow! Thanks for all the great suggestions everyone. Loving those Chanels! And I've always loved the idea of buying a pair of Olivers People sunglasses, so I'll definitely have to go and try some on :p Fate, the Linda Farrow range looks really cool. I'll have to find one of her boutiques and go have a look.

    Thanks gals!!!
  9. You're welcome! I own 4 pairs of Oliver's....they're great glasses.
  10. Gottoshop, I'd love to hear which styles you have! :tup:

    I've just seen these Dolce & Gabbana ones...any opinions on these:

  11. Wow, you ladies rock all of those are beautiful !!!
  12. Those are nice!!! I have 2 pairs of Harlots.....a tortoise pair and a new color called storm grey. I have 2 pairs of Leylas.....a white pair and a black pair. Check out oliverpeoples.com....hit the shop online button and it will show you the classics. Leyla and Harlot are on there. I think the Harlot shape is more of what you're looking for.
  13. I wear all oversized....I also have Tom Ford Whitney's in grey and Tom Ford Margaux in palladium. He's come out with some new oversize round ones as well. I just know that OP are very durable glasses and have an awesome reputation.
  14. You have a fabulous collection gottoshop! I've just had a look at the TF Margaux's and they're lovely for something different from my usual plastic frames.