Overall, do you prefer darker bags or light colored bags?

  1. When you find the bag you want, and have a choice between getting it in a light color or a darker color, which do you prefer?

    I usually get it in a darker color because I'm afraid itll get dirty.
  2. i think i prefer lighter colors.
  3. It really depends. I used to just buy black or brown bags all the time until one day I looked at my entire bag collection and wish for some color.

    It's kinda like clothes in your wardrobe. You will eventually want some color to vary the look of your ensemble :smile: Thus I fell in love with the Balenciaga bags - the colors!!
  4. Mainly dark, if you include red & red wine tones
  5. I have always preferred light coloured bags but they get sooo dirty, tan is a good colour!
  6. i have a thing for white bags but i would never get one as they would get dirty in no time. I made that mistake and purchased a baby pink chanel cambon and it started getting grey on the edges and on the back after regular use. So i decided i should stick with dark colors to avoid that problem. Its a pity though, white bags are beautiful. :sad:
  7. I love color, particularly since I wear so much black/darks, but I'm scared of dirtying light bags. I only have a couple and I obsess every time I use them. :sweatdrop:
  8. No doubt about it...darker bags for this gal. I'm a toss 'em around type who would like one less thing to worry about..(and that would be a soiled handbag) I treat them with care but I'm not a real girly girl so dark bags are a better fit for me.
  9. Well, mostly I have darker purses but also buy lighter ones that I don't used everyday. I love assorted colors so it had to be both.
  10. I love light coloured bags but always end up with brown because of the dirt fear too.
  11. I am drawn to dark colored bags in browns, black or blues. I do have one or two light colored bags but don't use them very often - only in the summer. Peggy
  12. I prefer darker in the fall/winter. And I tend to go lighter or more colorful in the spring/summer.
  13. I prefer darker, more neutral colors. I also have couple bright bags that pop against an outfit but I'm scared to carry them out because they might be too loud.
  14. I love dark and bright colors, but not whites or pastels. I wear a lot of black, so dark bags coordinate and bright bags add a touch of color.
  15. Darker, but bright colors